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Pumping waste of time?

Pumping waste of time?

I visited Tom Hubbard’s website (2002 Site - Tom Hubbard) and read the following:

“Vacuum penis pumping: do this for fun, but don’t get your hopes up for permanent results anytime in this century (or the next), despite the donkey dicks in the ads.

Pumping can feel great, and makes your dick real big for an hour or two afterward before all the gains go away.

But it gives little if any permanent result, plus you have the risk of blisters, discoloration, bruising; risk of burst capillaries; risk of temporary impotence.”

The above statements sure make pumping seem like a waste of time. I wonder if he ever tried pumping for himself to see if it really doesn’t work? Any comments from anyone about his statements?



this question has been posed many a time and the jury is still out on this one. If you read all the posts on these forums, you will certainly notice guys have more luck with manual exercises and hanging, the guys that gain from pumping are definitely in the minority.


Not true rolo.

The guys that are *practicing* pumping are in the minority. And as far as I know, all of those who do, believe that pumping has had a significant effect on their gains.

I suggest that you read some of the threads in the Pumper’s Forums.


I’m willing to give it a go. A little over a year ago I wouldn’t have believed my own pe story. Something tells me that pumping appropriately applied in coordination with other aspects of pe will at least be a complimentary technique, if not effective alone.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


There will always be detractors of pumping; it just gets a bad rap. Mostly I think from the jerks who overdo it or are unwilling to pump at all, or regularly and with good sense.

I’ve said this before and will no doubt say it again. I gained a full inch in 4 or 5 months doing _nothing_ but regular pumping. No doubt I am a fast gainer for whatever physiological reasons. But that inch and the girth gain that came with did not go away and I am nearly two years into pumping. To that I added another inch plus and more girth. This hasn’t gone away either.

I think the best way to look at pumping is as a supplement to other PE exercises. No PE exercise increases vascular capacity as well as pumping does, imo. Whatever length or girth changes you get by other means can only be augmented by the expansion provided by repeated, moderate pump sessions.

It is true that the immediate post-pumped engorgement does not initially last more than a few hours. But I say, and other long-time pumpers agree, the longer you stay with pumping, the longer those pumped gains hang around for you. Finally a day, then a couple of days. After some point, it is possible to have a very different flaccid dick than you had before. I know because that occured for me.



Practice is the key!

I have yet to see anyone who “practiced” regular pumping, using a sensible routine, who later argued that it was a waste of time. The detractors and naysayers are not pumpers who have followed a sane pumping program without success. They are usually people with very limited knowledge and practical experience in the pumping arena and/or people with vested interests in other approaches to PE.

With less than two months of regular pumping, I have seen an increase in both flaccid and erect girth and have a better hang. I am definitely getting a veinier (is that a word? lol) penis, and I can literally SEE where that is coming from with pumping.

I’m sold on pumping being a worthwhile and regular part of my PE program. Try it, you’ll like it!!



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!


Thanks everyone for your thoughtful replies. I will give pumping a try.

avocet8, you said you have been pumping for nearly two years and gained an inch in 4 to 5 months. Did you gain anything else after the 5 months?



I think you are generalising when u say that detracters are inexperienced pumpers or pump ‘dangerously’. I have followed a sensible routine for four months, not pumping to excess, without any bloating effect and so forth and I have nothing to show for it.

Yes I am veinier and slightly thicker at the base, but nothing else. I usually do 3-4 setsof 5-6 min, I have rarely pumped for more than 30mins. Now that I have seen no results and am chamgimg routine. In bewteen the pumping I am adding 50 jelqs followed by blaster stretches (the stretch where you pull your dick toward your arse, is that what it’s called…?)

Sorry if I sound a little touchy it’s just that hearing others guys gain can be a little bothersome when you have not…please understand my frustration i am not digging a shot at anyone.



I understand where you’re coming from. And if we didn’t offer up difference points of view in this forum and others, we wouldn’t learn very much.

In one of these threads I mentioned that my best gains came during a period when I was alternating the sort of pumping sets you now do with about 100 jelk strokes, beginning with jelks after hot wrap, then pumping, then jelks, etc. - four sets of each. I didn’t start with 400 jelks perPE session but gradually worked up to that many.

If you’re getting veinier, certainly your penile vascular system is improving and that in itself is a good thing.




one thing about the jelqs how do you maintain focus, I find it quite taxing to get that initial slight hardness in my dick after coming out of the pump? Obviously sexual thoughts no doubt, but I find this part the hardest.


Everyone has his own technique. Try using some favorite porn.



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