Pumping veins.

I just did my first pump session yesterday. 10 minutes at 3Hg. Pulled it out and my penis was dark, but the darkness went away after 5 minutes or so. (didnt know about the helicopter spin and whatnot). Anyways, I have noticed that I have veins showing now. Small veins that are dark red here and there (maybe about 5-7 of them) that I don’t recall seeing before my first pump session…They may have been there for a while now, but didnt really notice them.

I have read a few threads on this topic already and some seem to believe that veins showing are a result of more flesh in the penis and that it pushes veins closer to the top of the skin, which is why it is more visible. I suppose it sounds like it has some merit. I did gain 1/8th an inch in girth (which I believe was there before I started pumping anyways). I am wondering if this is a sign that I should hold off on pumping for a while, or is it expected and everything is ok to continue on with what I was doing?

The odd thing is that the veins are only mostly visible when I’m semi erect, but when totally erect it is barely noticeable.

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