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Pumping to keep penis in an elongated state

Pumping to keep penis in an elongated state

This should be in the pumpers forum but I can’t post there so mods, please move over there.. Thanks

I was thinking.. After a pumping session of 7 hg for about 20 minutes.. What if I wanted to keep my penis in a longer state by putting it back in a pump at about 2 hg .nothing major at all.. My penis will be a little longer at 2 hg and do that for maybe like an hour or 2.. It would be like strecthing the penis slightly so it could heal in that state.. Hopefully you understand what I mean by all this.. Is that a good idea.. What do you think.. I’ve done it yesterday and I feel like it stayed alot fuller than usual for a longer period of time instead of just doing 7 hg at 20 mins.

I find that pumping at lower levels for a longer period of time keeps me elongated for a longer period of time. Usually pumping higher than 5hg is painful and makes it turtle a bit.

I go with 3 sets of 20 minutes at 3.5-4hg.

> 50 Jelqs after every set.

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I have thought of doing this for some time. I would like to keep pumped up

All day long and then apply an ads wrap over night. I just never have an opportunity to sit at home all day long. It is important to toe short breaks to restore circulation. Do some jelks in between sets.

A heat wrap around the tube is a good idea also.

Last week I got up in the middle of the night and pumped my penis up to about 4-5 Hg and set my alarm for one hour. After an hour, I increased the pressure to 10 Hg for ten minutes.

As a result, I packed the tube the entire length of my shaft for the first time after three months of pumping. After pulling out, my length returned to just slightly above normal, but my girth remained slightly under 1/2 in. greater than normal. The enhanced size lasted about 20 minutes and then slowly subsided over the next two hours to its normal size.

My head and slight doughnut ached a little for several hours and felt close to normal after that.

Man, I wouldn’t be able to get a solid erection for a week if I tried that. How’s your EQ?

Originally Posted by RandomGiant
Man, I wouldn’t be able to get a solid erection for a week if I tried that. How’s your EQ?

No noticeable difference. But then I have ED and need to use Viagra anyway to get an erection.

5hg for 10 minutes-
2hg for 60 minutes-
5hg for 10 minutes.

That sounds like a good expanding and stretching style.

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