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Pumping to correct a bent penis?

Pumping to correct a bent penis?

Hi all!

I wonder if it’s in any way possible to correct a penis that’s bent to the right by pumping it? Since the bend is caused due to a weaker Corpora Cavernosa on the right side, it should help to pump it up to maximum length while the pump-tube keeps it straight?! This in my mind should put most of the stress on the shorter side since it will be the side that will be feeling the pumping most, when pumping it up to maximum length of that longer left corpora cavernosa and stopping there.

Awaiting your advises and knowledgeable replies thanks…

On rest days just pulling and stretching it to keep it hangin good…

Big bent going bigger straighter

You know, it might have that effect, and the best way to see how well it works for you is to try it.

I would suggest you start with a tube diameter that you can pack rather easily, because once packed, you can’t get any straighter than that. Only problem is, that once you are packed, you are prone to get water blisters forming on the head, so keep the pressure low once you are packed and watch your time in the tube.

You might want to try wrapping the tube with an electric heat pad while you pump as the heat will relax your tissues and may aid in the straightening.

Good luck!

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