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Pumping Strategies

Pumping Strategies

What strategies do you guys use to keep your sac from creeping up into your pump while pumping? I have tried holding my balls between my cheeks while first inserting my penis, but during my session, skin from my sac starts to creep in and as a result I get an inflated base that fills out my 1.75 cylinder (most of it is excess skin rather than base girth). Is this a problem?

By the way, I am 3 days into pumping (using Avocet8 pumping 101 routine) and loving it. I have the LA pump with gauge if that is of any pertinence to this quagmire.

I use a ball stretcher, which is basically about a 2” round piece of leather with 2 button snaps to hold. This works GREAT for me. I can’t remember what site I purchased it, but if you do a search for ball stretchers, it should pull something comparable up.

Use a dry wash cloth or paper towel when pulling your ball sac out of the tube and dry off the lube as you do so. This helps a lot, keeping the sac lube free.

Thanks for the tips fellas.

One more tip that might help. When first getting started, bone press the tube to your fat pad as you begin to pump up, and this will help keep your sac out of the tube.

Don’t your tubes have a seal at the end, which fits snugly around your erection? The one on my tube couldn’t possibly allow my balls to suck into it.

Originally Posted by gprent101
One more tip that might help. When first getting started, bone press the tube to your fat pad as you begin to pump up, and this will help keep your sac out of the tube.

The above tip works well for me also.

cead mile failte :lep:

Yes, I believe it has been written here before, press the tube down to the bone and rotate a little to help seal the tube. Less pubic hair helps. Actually, I find that NO pubic hair creates the best seal with my tube, however, I am not in that mode now. So, I make sure the pubes are well lubes, press the tube down will pulling on the balls sack (away from the body). Once the tube is in place, I rotate the tube a little and I am off.

Start: EL: 5.8" EG: 4.8" Current: EL: Approx 7.0" EG: 5.7"

Just keep the tube pressed against yourself. This works fine for me. Once you let go, it is easier to get your balls sucked in.

Start: 5/31/2004 EBP: 5.75 EG: 4.5 ENBP: 5.25 FL: 4 Using Penimaster and Jelq. 12/12/2004 EBP: 6 EG: 5.5 Midshaft; 6 Base ENBP: 5.5 Now using Penimaster, Jelq and pumping. 7/16/2006 Now adding vacu-hanger and removing penimaster. Goal: EBP: 7.25 ENBP: 6.75

By pressing and holding the tube firmly against the body with one hand allows the other hand to work the base of the tube into the base of the shaft. Continue to hold the tube tight against the body for a while, after which you should be able to gradually relax your grip and let go with out your balls being sucked in. It also helps not lubing too far down the underside of the shaft. I normally coat just the first inch past the glance, all of the topside and plenty round the bone area.

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