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Pumping semi-erect


Really? I thought the movement of the water exacerbated lymph build up.

I don’t understand how pumping to a smaller size than maximum erect size can give gains, but I guess jelqing at 60-80 % EL doesn’t exceed max size either .

Thw water basically equalizes the external pressure, making it more conducive to maximizing internal pressure within the chambers. The edema caused by high pressure in air pumps is nullified, to a large extent, when using water due to that external/internal balance. At least that’s how I understand it.

As far as being semi-erect while pumping, that’s always been my approach.

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I don’t pump consistently, but when I do I’ll pump semi hard more often than hard. I’m more interested in girth than length, and when I’m hard in the tube I get more length. The less erect I am the more my dick expands in girth.

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Originally Posted by dongalong
Thanks man! That’s the kind of reply I was hoping to read.
I have experienced what you mean about staying erect but I was wondering if I was wasting my time pumping on those days when my dick wasn’t interested in staying hard, I think that I’ll start pumping again to see what happens.
Did you also gain 1” girth during your first year?

Sorry but I don’t yet understand how you could grow via pumping if you’re not fully/overly erect. Nothing is being pushed beyond its limit.

Finally getting my 2.5" cylinder to produce fast results. Feel free to ask me any medically related question, I have a background in it.

Think about jelqing at 60 % erection level and flaccid stretching. Although when you pump, no matter at what size you enter the tube, vacuum will expand it.

The forces even in a non erect state are different on the tissues then just beeing flaccid.

The vaccuum is al laround and different to jsut filling what already is there in its usual way.

With 30% jelqing you will still create a strain right behind the jelqing hand.

Both are unusual strains that the dick isnt used to and thus will react.

I cant even go erect in cause I developed some curve.
Also it feels 90% erect is more effective as at 100% it apepars l ike the tunica is in a way “locked in”.
Easier and further to expand from that point.

I've only been doing this for a couple of weeks

I quit pumping 6 months ago, and was just extending, but I started pumping again.

Part of why I quit before was thinking I had to be erect going into the tube, and that was a bother. Also, both extending and pumping at the same time was causing a loss in EQ, and I also lost a 1/4 in length, but I added some nice girth. So far this time my EQ is good, but I am not extending as long as I was, and by summer I plan on just pumping and doing some ADS with golf weights (however they are now hard to put on due to increased girth when I pump).

I was using an LA tube with the brake bleeder hand pump and gauge. I am now using a converted Whisper electric pump, with a homemade foot valve to dump the vacuum, and start it again (cycling or dynamic pumping).

I am now doing 2, half hour sessions, and going in completely flaccid. I keep building and releasing the vacuum, and after about 7 minutes I am up to where I would be if I had gone in fully erect. I then just keep applying vacuum and releasing it with the foot valve. I don’t know if it is edema, or if my dick is staying bigger, but after just 2 weeks, I am hanging more.

I don’t seem to grow as much with just constant pressure. The cycles seem to do something that makes up for going in flaccid. When I come out after a half hour, I have a flaccid as big as my erection would be. It is sort of weird to look at in the mirror. It’s like I am wearing someone else’s dick for a few hours. The next day I still have a bit more flaccid. I will have to see if this just keeps getting better; like people say it does.

My goal at this point is to have more flaccid. My girl friend really likes my new size, but I think anymore might be too much. I tend to be a grower, so I am trying now for more flaccid (vanity I know), and I would prefer not to get anymore erect size, but if it happens, I guess there are worse things. I now am well over an inch bigger in the tube than I was when I started almost 2 years ago (glad now I got the 9 inch), and when I started I was going in erect, now I just go in flaccid and let the pump do the work. I think the cycles allow some fresh blood because my size will go up and down an inch or more between cycles, so in that respect, being flaccid is a benefit which allows me to pump longer, and allow a constant supply of fresh blood. I may increase the 1/2 hour sessions with more experience, and information from other pumpers. I always try to play it safe.

The experiment continues.

Repeter, good report.

You gained girth combinign pumping with extender. I guess extender before pumping?
We discussed in another threat that weakening the longitudal tunica before girth work is beneficial.

Dynamic pumping is nice for the reasons you mentioned.

You can use a cockring after pumping to hold the expansion longer.

Also you might check out silicone sleeves or condoms to pump with even less edema.


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