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Pumping Scrotum Ache afterwards

Pumping Scrotum Ache afterwards

Hey guys,

I tried looking for it by searching for it, but there aren’t really any answers that seem to fit my issue. I have a 1.75in but i believe, with a roughly 5in girth base dick. I started the 10 min routine and did it for three days. The third day I added on to the routine and release my penis from the pressure, then pumped it right back up again for an additional 7 minutes. All pressures were at 4hg. My question though, is that I have this slight ache feeling in my scrotal region, and I can’t say it is because of my ball sack being sucked in. There is definitely a small amount being sucked in, but i make sure to reduce this by firmly pressing the pump into my skin so that the testicles don’t get sucked up. The ache is more so inside the scrotal region and not the skin itself that is aching. I have been massaging it everyday which seems to help, and have decided to stay off the pumping until the pain goes away. Does anyone have and ideas as to what it may be?


Probably just your tube digging in under pressure, it’s something you get more used too the more you pump.

Take a couple of days rest and it’ll probably be fine.

Sometimes as well if the pumping’s making you really horny but you don’t jerk of afterwards it can make your nuts ache a bit, either way rest.

You may also want to consider starting at lower vacuum - just enough to get a seal - for the first minute or three. As the session continues, gradually increase the vacuum to your target level.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I would try to pack the base of the pump so that the scrotal tissue cannot be pulled inside. This should relieve pressure on that area.

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