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Pumping routines for starting out?

Pumping routines for starting out?

Ok, i’m 6.5x4.5 and my head was too big to comfortably fit into a 1.5” cylinder so I went 1.75 and it feels great…

Pumped tonight, rubbed KY on the shaft and some on the base for a seal, went as high as 3.5hg but no higher due to previous warnings… First time I went in semi-hard and pumped and it seemed to expand but after about 12 minutes I came out limp, but a little enlarged…

I jelqed a little, less than 15 probably, and went back in for another 10 mins or so… Came out flaccid but looking bigger, quickly though I went back down to my turtle neck of about 1.5” length and I don’t know if I retained any temporary gains at all…

Can anyone point me to a good routine? i read vacuum pumping 101 and searched the personal routines but i have yet to find a few good routines for those of us beginnning PE

Looking mainly for some fun temp gains to play with w/the girlfriend as it helps support me if she can get something out of it (hey I don’t mind) and I’m hoping that after a year or two of pumping daily I’ll get some perm gains… once I get pumping down I want to start incorporating jelqing, etc - but for now I figure just get pumping down.

I want to warm the tube with heat as a hot towel goes cold fast…

Any help here? You guys are so helpful but I’m feeling lost here, how long should I pump for the first week or two, how many hg? From the VC101 thread I got about 10 mins, but should I break it up into 2 or 3 10 min sections with a 5 min rest in between?

I noticed after the second time the top half was a little dark blue but that went away immediately, perhaps just more blood going to that side…

Thanks for any links and such, looking forward to getting a routine down, I see some people pumping for 15 mins every 2 hours (do you work??), but I can only do it once a day and thusly, wish to get the most out of it :)

Muchas gracias,


Oh and someone mentioned going slow as to not tear or harm the blood vessels…

I get almost 1 hg per pump with the LA Pump so should I pump once, give it 3-4 minutes, pump again, etc until I get to about 3-4hg?

Going into the tube erect, and trying to maintain that with porn, a naughty story, whatever, helps with the expansion. I jelq 100 times then go in the tube for 10 minutes at 5” Hg. When I come out I do some massage and rest for about five minutes. Then I do another 100 jelqs and another 10 minutes. I tried a third set once, but got a donut so I’m staying with 20 minutes total. I haven’t been keeping up with my routine which was basically five or six on and one or two off. Now I pump only a couple times a week mainly because I have other things that keep me busy. But when I first started PE (only eight months ago) I pretty much pumped every day.

I don’t pump up to the full 5” Hg all at once. I take at least two to three minutes and give the MityVac 1/2 to 3/4 squeezes until I’m at the level I want to be. Usually the second session is easier and I can pump up a little faster and I usually see more length stretching during the second one, too.


Do you do any other exercises besides pumping combined with jelq and kegels?

Did you see any permanent changes after those 8 months? I just started pumping again after several months.



Yes. I use a flax seed bag for a warm up and do 40 second stretches in five directions, twice. Next are 50 bundled (twisted) Blasters over a small PVC pipe. Then the 100 jelqs and 10 minutes of pumping x 2. I used to use the flax bag again, but haven’t been doing that recently. In fact, I pretty much stopped PE from May until August because of work commitments and being away from home. During the three months I was serious about it I gained 3/4” in length and about .25” in girth. Having had a long break I’ve lost .25” of the length and haven’t measured girth.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

For reasons which are similar to yours, I stopped doing PE for several months (discouragement has been another factor). Then I came back doing only manual stretching: 30 seconds each pull; 4 pulls in each direction (straight forward, upward, downward, left and right) and rotating. Now I am pumping again, besides stretching. However, I am not doing any hot wrappings or warm-ups. Do you think it is very important?

I completely agree with you, when I first go in the cylinder each session I always go slowly, gradually, to the maximum pressure, which is 7 in Hg for me. This is the most effective, safest way for me to do it.



Yes, I think warmth is very important. I like to see what’s going on, so I don’t use a heating pad around my cylinder. The flax seed bag or rice sock is a dry heat that I think penetrates better than hot water in the shower.


The hot wrap I used was a microwavable heating pad (gel inside). It’s dry heat and easy to use. It’s not a problem but when you don’t have much time it is something else to do. Any comments about this pad?


P.S.- I tried to post this reply several times yesterday but somehow the “Post Reply” option did not work.


Oh wow that’s an even better idea!

Not sure on the accessability to an outlet where I pump and being able to microwave the pad woudl be awesome!

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