Pumping Routine/Stats Post

Aside from Avo’s 1001 thread and his routine in the member’s routine page, it’s hard to find out what other pumpers’ routines are. I thought it would be worthwhile to have an “all in one” post that included pumping routine, gains, and other relevant notes.

For me.

5 days on, 2 off.
2-4 10-15 minute sets at anywhere from 5 to 10 HGs of pressure with jelqs/squeezes in-between.
Length of time pumping: 3 months.
Length of time PEing: 18 months.
Pumping Gains: (unknown — I haven’t measured).
PE Gains: 3/8” gain girth and length each (7” BP and 5.125” mid shaft girth at last measurement.)
Pump/Cylinder: LA Manual Pump with 2”X10” cylinder.

Comments: I have about an hour a day to PE and am a hard gainer. Manual work really was only giving me minimal gains. I saw some benefit from hanging, especially in loosening my ligs, but to get significant gains I felt I would have to put in more time than I have available to. The pump/jelq/squeeze routine gives me a heavy and full hang as well as a workout that I can usually feel the next day. I have been using the C-clamp for my squeezes. I think I’ve made some small gains but what it will yield me in the long run is still up in the air. Lately, I have found that I’ve had to up the pressure to get the same “feel” in terms of the stress on my member that I used to get at lower pressure those first few weeks.

Let’s hear from others as to their routines, sucesses, findings, tips, etc.