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Pumping Retraction

Pumping Retraction

Does anyone experience retraction after a session?

Has anyone tried PE weights in conjuction with pumping?

Just a few thoughts on my mind. I’ve been extremely busy but things are at least in a set schedule now so I can alot my time appropriately so I can start pumping after my break is over. I still have 3 weeks till I will resume PE and most specifically with the pump. As far as breaking in and becoming accustomed to Pumping can someone with PE experience start with a pump jelq routine or should you stay with the pump? How long if it’s just on the pump?

Does anyone have a general time frame that initial gains should be checked?


What do you mean by “retraction”?

It’s probably best, until you are conditioned, anyway, to do your pumping and jelqing on different days.

How long have you been doing PE? What’s your routine been like?


I’ve been pe’ing for well over a year and a half. Routines have included anything from manuals to hanging. Girth work has ranged from manuals, clamping, and constriction using a cock ring with manuals.

Retractions occurs after a session. The penis retracts back a bit sometimes into a shorter than normal flaccid. Monty and BG talk about retraction frequently and discuss the necessity of staying in the elongated state using Pe weights.

Originally Posted by millionman
Does anyone experience retraction after a session?

In the early days of pumping, I did, especially if I did a longer more aggressive session. I’d have some retraction to a smaller flaccid size, but the next day, I’d be back to normal or hang bigger. Flash forward to the present, and it doesn’t happen anymore. It helps to do some light stretching after pumping to minimize the retraction factor or use some ADS.


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Yes, million.

Often my penis come back, retraction, after a session of pumping. But only when I use a big large cylinder (2”).

With the little one (13/4”) no.

Maybe, like Doctor Kaplan say, the big it used for lengt, and the little for girth. Plus I suck, often, plus it retired..

I never used PE weights.

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