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Pumping Questions

Pumping Questions

I can’t post in that section yet.

Do I have to finish the newbie routine before starting to pump.

And whats the best diameter cylinder for 4.75-5 girth.

Maybe when you finish the newbie routine your girth will settle in.

I made my own Austin powers type pump and it works awesome. I’ve not been jelqing too long but I thought if I could help get the blood in my shaft with the pump, I could do some thickness exercises and length stretches before I pump it up. I’ve started off with 5.5 thickens and 7.5 length. I want to get 6.5 thickness, length is OK as is but of course, I want to get it larger. Consequently, first two days I used my home made pump, I got carried away and had a huge bruise on one side of my penis. I read that you don’t want to feel pain when you pump. I was pumping mine to the point of pain. Now, I pump mine up to 10in of vacuum, maybe 12 and keep it there for 15-30 minutes and it gets freaking HUGE, thick. Not too sure about jelqing afterwords? As for now, I do all my jelqing before I pump, till I find out otherwise.

You can actually pump to 10-12Hg without pain and then stay there for 15-30 min?

Really, no more thaN 5mm/hg. It seemed like 10 was the magic number for me, maybe 8. Can this help me gain girth? I kind of went “hog wild” and got carried away the first and second day I made my pump. I pumped up to 15mm/Hg for 25 minutes and the second day, I got a huge bruise on the bottom of my shaft. I noticed it was kind of difficult to get an erection, an hard erection after I pumped hte second time. I’ve laid off a week waiting for the bruise to go away.

Sucks, I wanted a BJ from my wife, but I did not want her to see the bruise, so I’ve been beating off till it goes way.

So is 8mm/Hg OK? My pump seems to loose psi over time. Also should I jelq before I pump?

Thanks guyz for the help. I’m looking for girth more than anything. Gotta hit the walls and make my woman happy!

So do I have to finish the newbie routine, before pumping.

No. You can start pumping now if you want. But you’ll be a newbie at pumping, too, so read Pumping 101.



Almost forgot. The cylinder diameter that is best for you is 1.75”.

Although you can pump at 10 -12 HG without pain. It is not wise to keep it at that level for more than 30 seconds without releasing the vacuum.

It will damage the penile tissue and cause blackening of the penis and you will loose sensitivity in your penis.

In other words do not do 10 - 12 HG for more then 30 seconds or less at a time. Best yet release vacuum every 20 seconds.

Started 6.5 got up to 8 by pumping alone.

Love giving girls squirting orgasms by G-Spot Stimulation and or Clitoral Stimulation.

That is the bottom line because Stone Cold says so.

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