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Pumping questions

Pumping questions

I am using a homemade pump now but have desided to buy an LA pump.
I have a few questions:

Why should the cylinder be 3” longer than your EL?

Why is it recommended to use a cylinder the same size or smaller than your base girth?

I have a lot of tiny red dots on my shaft after pumping, am I using to much pressure?

Am I damaging myself when getting all the red dots?

I am hoping for answers from the long time pumpers because I have a hard time trying to figure out the answer to my to first questions.

My base girth is 6,3” and the calculators recommend a 2” tube (2 x 3,14 = 6,28”). In the pump my base girth gets a lot bigger than normal, should I still get the 2” cylinder?

I have been pumping for a while and as far as I know most pumpers here agree that LA Pumps width recommandations are a bit on the low side. I’d go for the next size tube. Unless you’re satisfied with what you’ve got girth wise of course, I know I would be :)

When I pump my dick grows almost 2” in length in the tube. To be able to get any length gains you need some additional space. A tube 3” longer than your EL isn’t too much, believe me. Again it all depends on where you want to go.

Good luck!

Originally Posted by DirkGently
When I pump my dick grows almost 2” in length in the tube.

Holy shit thats amazing. My dick doesnt grow an inch in the tube as a matter of fact my BPEL is better than my “in tube” length.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG


Thanks for the reply, I will go for the 2,25” tube then.

What about the red dots?

Dirkgently and 789

Have you guys gotten any gains from pumping?

I have only pumped 5-6 times, and I get a really good hang after pumping, will this turn to permanent gains after a while?

Forgot about the red dots. I get them too but they disappear after a while. I wouldn’t worry about it. I haven’t been doing PE long enough to know if the gains ever will be permanent but I certainly hope so. I’m a hard gainer so my gains have been less than I my self expected but better than for some other hard gainers :)

I was referring to NBPEL compared to in tube length. I have a thick fat pad :( have been working out for a while now and also eating better so I hope that’ll change. That’s why the difference is as much as 2”. My point was to make sure kristian doesn’t by a tube to short. That’s what they say at LA Pump too, 3” longer than you EL, I guess it’s NBPEL they mean. Anyway my in tube length is a 3/4” longer than my BPEL. That’s not bad eather I guess. Would love that to become permanent!

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