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Pumping Question

Pumping Question

When I pump, some of my sack gets sucked into the tub. Is that normal/safe? I’m just wondering. Also! Do you think my tube is too large? It’s 2 inches in diameter and I have a small girth (4.5.damnit). Should I buy a smaller one?

Yes, that’s normal. A wrap around the base will usually alleviate that. I now use a cockring for that purpose. It doesn’t have to be very tight—don’t consider restricting blood flow until you’re very experienced.

Yes, your tube is too large. I suspect 1.5” might be right for you, but wait for an opinion from the experts.

You would probably be more comfortable with a smaller tube. I think a 1.75 would be best. The 1.5 that plustwo suggested would fit you but would allow for hardly any girth expansion. The 1.75 will allow you to eventually pump up to around 5.5 girth, and then you can switch over and continue pumping with your 2.0 tube.

Thanks guys.

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