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Pumping Question


Pumping Question

Hi everyone,

I got a pump today but unfortunately I damaged the seal within the cyclinder (oops). Do I need to get a new pump as whilst a vacuum effect was evident it wasn’t that strong (and as I damaged it before use I don’t know how strong a pressure to expect).

Any help/ advice would be greatly appreciated!

To elaborate a bit more my pump has a rubber piece that fits inside the cylinder whioh has a smaller opening for the penis. This is the bit I have damaged

Cylinders that come with a rubber gasket device are usually pretty cheap and are really not worth wasting your money on as they wear out quickly, even when you are careful with them. If you are serious about getting into pumping, you should consider investing in a professional system such as this Deluxe Pump from lapdist:…tegory_Code=all

I was going to order a new cylinder about a week ago and came across this site selling Kaplan’s pump and cylinder for $66.95. Normally they sell for around $129. They said they have shipped it but I am waiting to receive it. Cheaper than buying just a cylinder so a good deal.

Hope this one works well, lasting. That’s a real good price.

Welcome to the wonderful world of pumping. Keep us up on how it goes. We all learn from each other here.




One thing about the Kaplan design is that the cylinders are not constant diameter for the full length, but tapered. I know that for me, the tapered cylinder shape would not fit the shape of my cock as I pump up.

Those Kaplan pumps look pretty good, would the 2 inch cyclinder be ok for a 6.5 x 5 ?

I used the 2” but had to pump for long periods to be able to pack it. The new one I ordered is a 1 3/4”. My measurements at the present are 6 7/8” x 5. Others w/ more experience may be able to give you a better answer but I want a little more length so I think the 1 3/4 will give me a better stretch.

Good luck.

I also think the 1.75” diameter would be a better and more comfortable fit.

Sorry to keep asking questions (but hey I am a newbie!) but what sort of girth would make the 2 inch worthwhile, I just don’t want to buy one that I grow out of and girth is my main objective

If you don’t add some length, your dick is going to look short if you add much girth, imo. It would take you several months before you really grew out of the 1 3/4. The 2” wouldn’t give you near as good of a pump as the 1 3/4. You have to start somewhere.

BTW, my pump tracking said it would be here UPS this coming Thursday.

Thanks everyone for all the advice, have just purchased the 1.75, fingers crossed it will do the job just got to wait 8-10 days for it to get over to Europe!

The 2” cylinder can take over when you reach 5.5” girth.

I purchased a pump from vacutech a while back but I bought the standard 2 in girth, my penis is now somewhere around 5 in in girth and it seems a bit too big. I need to buy a smaller tube like 1.75 where can I get it from so it does not cost 100 dollars just for one tube and do you guys think it will work with any pump

I got Kaplan 9x2 cylinder. I’m about the same as you bobisback and it works very well for me. What’s the deal w/ these cylinders? I read on Kaplan’s instructions that there’s one for length and one for girth, but I have no idea what I’m using. Can anyone explain?

It’s a vacuum so I can’t see how a different sized cylinder would affect width vs length. Your dick should be expanding in every direction.

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