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pumping question?


pumping question?

Hi all new to pumping here, I have been at it everyday for a month. I only pump once a day for about 45 mins. I dont have a gauge so I couldnt tell you exactly tell you how much pressure. I pump pretty hard, just enough before it starts to get uncomfortable. Ok now that I got the info out of the way here is my question. I have not noticed any gains as of yet and I I just wanted to know how long I should go with this before I quit? My stats are 8 1/2” ebpl and 6” girth. I use a 2x10 inch pump. I can only reach another 1/4” when pumped in tube. I pack it like crazy. any help for gains or a different approach at pumpingwould help. thx

If you’re pumping once a day for 45 min without a break, you aren’t going to get as much benefit as you would if you took breaks after about 8 -10 min., did some massage, then whatever PE exercise you like. Then go back in the tube.

These breaks bring important, highly-oxygenated blood back into the penis. This oxygenated blood encourages cell division and micro-tear healing, as well as vascular development.

Also, give your dick a break and take two consecutive days off. Or at least one day off.

I don’t believe (AT ALL!) that long-time pump sessions add to real growth. Sure, it looks good right when you pull it out, but so what? Is that going to be there for you when you have sex? 8 hours later when you want a comfortable bulge in your pants?

Sometimes I feel like a broken record here and that is not an attack on you, comfortome. I’m using you as an example.

I’ll try a “Bill Clinton” here on some of you - this is stuck above my desk: “It’s about blood supply, Stupid!”




I agree with avocet8. If you’re pumping daily, it is too much. From much experience, I’ve learned the value of giving my dick a rest from pumping to allow it to reestablish its normal behavior.

I just returned from a great vacation and took a breather from my regular pumping. Lo and behold, my dick has bounced back harder and thicker than before. It’s been 11 days since my last pump, and I’m looking forward to going back into the tube tomorrow. I expect a most excellent pumping result after the long rest.

You already have great size, so maybe try an every other day pump for 30-45 minutes with breaks at 5 - 10 minute intervals supplemented with wet or dry jelqs. I think you’ll get an overall better workout this way. Good luck.


roger that bros thx I knew I was nuking this pump thing

Stuck at length in tube

Hey all,

Just had a little question for you vets. Been pumpin for 4 mths now. Started April 1/03 using a 3 on 1 off routine. I’m now pumping 45 min p/d.
Doing 3- 15 min sets with 5- 10 min jelk breaks in between.

This arrangement has been working out very well with really good girth increase to show for the hours spent. Starting girth was 5.0”, present girth around 5.7” still using a 1.75 x 10” LA tube and almost packing it.

My npel = 5.75”. When I started pumping I was hitting 6- 6 1/8” in the tube @ 4 Hg. Today I’m hitting 6.25- 6 3/8” @ 5 Hg, holding the 5 Hg pressure for 5- 10 min to get the stretch. I also “milk the tube” for around 3 min to regain blood circulation and massage my tater (after I relieve the pressure). Also feels good to relieve pressure of the tube digging into groin area.

Anyway, it seems I’ve been topping out “stuck” at the 6.25- 6.3/8” mark for about a month now and wondering If I’ll continue to gain length in the coming months. Hopefully from continued stretching while in the tube.

Any advice to help with length gains. Do more sets? Up the Hg some?
I know this is long term and I’m sticking with it because of the great girth gains so far. I’d just like to see 6.5” come up on the length meter, (so to speak).



When I’m working my length routine with the pump what I have been doing lately is instead of jelqing in between sets I’ll do a set of 10 DLD blasters and follow with a basic stretch cycle- straight down and hold for 30 secs., to the right and hold for 30secs., then to the left for 30 secs., then stretch straight out and do about a minute of circular cranks. Repeat this for 3 sets in between each pump cycle and after the last one. Your ligs and tunica will really become pliable and you will reach and go beyond fatigue much faster, and you will gain more length in the tube. It is also important to shorten the pump cycle of this routine to 5-7 minutes at most. I don’t have a guage so I pump so that I can feel the stretch all the way up to my glans. I started using this routine a couple of weeks ago and length in the tube has increased by at least 1/2”.

More on DLD Blasters


Your routine sounds good. I do need to do some stretches I’m thinking to help things along. .5” in the tube in 2 weeks is very impressive.

How do I find out more about DLD Blasters?


You can use the search feature here at the top of the page, just type in DLD Blasters and hit enter. I just checked and there was 14 pages listed that mention them. To save yourself a lot of confusion go to and check out the free forum. This is DLD’s new site and you will find a much easier to follow thread on the blasters.


Thanks for the link. I’m gonna check out the info today.


Well first of all it is all right to pump every week day. But if you do not warm up the penis it is going to cause some bruising and most of the gain you see in the tube is not the effect of having more blood in the penile chambers but is a swollen penis do to pumping too high of a vacuum pressure and making the penis get too large too fast. You need to pump with less vacuum pressure so the penis gradually pulls blood into the penis. It might take longer to get a bigger penis in the tube but it will be faster than using high HG’s if you want permanent gains so It is not a good Idea to pump with high HGs. You can get the better results by pumping with little vacuum pressure and it will not harm your penis.

It might not be faster than pumping with high pressures but it is safer and you can get the better gains by pumping with little vacuum pressures.

All I use is a small bulb pump and I get good results. I started pumping about an year ago. But do to some problems I have not been pumping for a lot of that time because I thought the more pressure I used the faster I would get the gains. But that wasn’t the case. When I first started pumping I thought I was getting gains by pumping with high HG’s but it was just a very swollen penis and not permanent gains because when my penis went down so did my gains. Plus I had some major bruising to my penis that turned my penis black like I was an Afro-Americans or something. Through my experiences I have found out that I get better gains with little pressure and longer exercising time. But that also can cause bruising if I didn’t warm my penis up with hot water. Before pumping. It didn’t only help draw blood into the penis but It also helped me from getting bruised when pumping.

I have worked out a good exercise “workout” that works for me.

I warm penis with hot water for 10-15 minutes
I jelq for 10-15 sometimes 20 minutes
I do hand stretches for 20-30 minutes
I pump for about an hour or so.

Then if I feel like doing the workout longer I repeat the whole exercise again.

When I do the hand stretches I pull my penis with my hand as hard as I can without causing any pain at all. If I feel any discomfort at all I loosen up on the grip and pull with less strength. How I stretch it for about a minute and then release and I keep doing this for 20-30 minutes or longer depending on how I feel about me doing my workout longer.

When I pump I just use a small bulb pump that is similar to a Blood pressure bulb pump that comes with Blood pressure checking stuff. But it is a little more harder and can vacuum out a little more pressure than the blood pressure bulb pump can.

I pump for for 3-5 minutes then release the vacuum and repeat for ever how long I feel like pumping, which is usually about a hour or so but I do pump longer sometimes.

I have found out that I can do my workout longer by warming up the penis after each workout. And I have found out I will workout if I watch a porno while I do my workout.

When I first started I was about 6 inches long. I am now about 7-7.5 inches long but I am longer than 7 inches so I am about half way between 7 and 7.5 inches but I might be closer to 7.5 than 7 inches.

Please do not believe all the hype about high hgs. It is not safe and take it from somebody who has tried it and that have seen better results by pumping with less pressure. I do other exercises also which I mentioned above.

And please warmup the penis before pumping it does not only help pull in more blood in to the penis to help cement your gains, but it also makes it so you can workout longer without causing any bruising and discomfort.

Let me give you some pointers on bruising.
The reason you bruise is because blood capillaries burst and the blood from the capillaries build up under the skin causing it to have some discoloration.
So if you are bruising then you are pumping too hard, too long, or you are not warming up the penis before pumping.

To prevent that you have to warm the penis up with hot water. “Hot wet heat” If it isn’t hot wet heat it will not work right and will not prevent the bruising. I have used a lot of stuff to warm up my penis and nothing is better than Hot wet heat. The other methods did help pull blood in to the penis but they did not prevent bruising like wet heat did.

OK comfortinme let me say this in a different way.

Pumping is like working out your muscles. It takes time for both. You can not expect to get big in a month.

Do nots

Do not pump with high HG’s. You can get more lasting results “Gains” by pumping with less vacuum pressures.
Do not fail to warm up the penis. It will aid in your gains and stop some of the problems associated with pumping.
Do not keep pumping if you feel any discomfort. If you have to stop pumping because you have caused some problems with your penis you probably loose any gains you have.
Most of all do not give up on pumping. It will take time for you to have gains that last out side of the tube.

Remember to warm up the penis.
Remember to go slow and not over do it.
Remember stay safe. You only have one penis and if you harm it I doubt if you can get a transplant or a donor that will let you have theirs.

I have had my share of problems by pumping high, too long without breaks, and not warming up the penis before exercising.

I’ve been pumping for a month and it’s done nothing but cause more discoloration, turtling and weaker erections. Days off don’t matter and neither does low hg levels. Sorry - just one man’s experience.

"I don't understand how America doesn't understand Thug Life... America IS Thug Life!"

- Tupac Shakur

Originally Posted by fauxreal
I’ve been pumping for a month and it’s done nothing but cause more discoloration, turtling and weaker erections. Days off don’t matter and neither does low hg levels. Sorry - just one man’s experience.

I am wondering fauxreal if you warmed up the penis before and after workouts. It sometimes makes a big difference by reconditioning the penis to be able to make it so you do not over work your penis and make it where you do not have to go high with the HG’s to start showing results. I do not know why people think they have to go high with the pressure when the gains they see is just the result of having an over worked swollen penis.

One thing I have learned while pumping for the last year is that pumping high does not work and it causes “not can cause but causes” penile problems. Believe me I know it causes problems because I have my blood checked regular and when I pump high, or Pumped too long of sets every night with just pumping exercising or pumped without conditioning my penis by warming it up with hot water, my white blood cells went up a lot. Enough to make the doctor think I had some major infections somewhere. “Mind you I did not know I had anything wrong because my penis didn’t hurt or anything to indicate I had something wrong” I did have some discoloration and some bruising of the penis but I thought it was normal to have some discoloration and bruising and since my penis wasn’t hurting or felt out of the ordinary I didn’t know that my penis was damaged in any way, but it was. Enough to make my white blood cells to rise dramatically. So I stopped pumping to see if my white blood cells would go down and they did. So I knew then it was because it was the way I was pumping. "Pumping high or pumping before I warming up the penis”. So I started pumping with very little pressure and by doing other exercises so the pumping was not the only thing I was trying, so I started putting more exercise time in and I was not over pumping the penis because I let some of the other exercises take the place of some of the time I had toward pumping and I started seeing good results. Yea I started seeing results and my white blood cells stayed where they was suppose to be. Go figure.
If you want to see lasting results do not try to do it by pumping along. If you try to do it by pumping along you will over pump your penis. Please Let some other exercises besides pumping along to take up some of the time you pump so you will not over pump your penis. Because that is the safest way I have found to do it. If somebody else knows a safer way let me know. I think this way is safe because my white blood cells didn’t rise to indicate that it wasn’t safe.
I only
Pump and do some other hand exercises so I can adjust the amount of pull I put on my penis. I also warm up the penis before doing my exercises.

You do not see athletes just jumping in to there sport without warming up. No: they warm up before they do whatever they do, So they do not cause any injures when they do whatever they do.


I appreciate your response and am definitely trying the low-impact routine avenue (plus light manual exercises). We’ll see how it goes. Also using a heat lamp.

"I don't understand how America doesn't understand Thug Life... America IS Thug Life!"

- Tupac Shakur

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