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pumping question

pumping question

When I pump I usually try to pump prior to a sexual encounter. It hard to do that sometime without actually pulling a pump out right in front of the girl. That not really my style. Since I dont pump that often I get a real good expansion. I would say around .75 and it goes away quick after I pull out the pump unless I throw a cockri g on afterwards. This can be awkward too sleeping with a new girl so I grab the vibrating ones. When I wear the cock ring it holds my .75 expansion for awhile. I waited about a hour one time before I got this girls out here pants when my dick was hard it looked huge but when It was soft I had a huge donut. I could care less about the donut. I just wanted to know if It was a serious issue. I also wanted to know how long it would be safe to keep my dick in a cockring after pumping.

I think the general rule on cock rings is 20 minutes. If it’s soft and flexible, a little longer might be safe.

Regarding your concern about the donut effect, are you good with starting to redevelop some loose shaft skin to the point of redeveloping a foreskin if you don’t have one? If you don’t mind that, don’t worry about the donut.

If you’d rather not get more and looser skin on your shaft, then the donut is a little more of a potential concern.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

After a good pumping session, a lot of the additional engorgement I get can last up to an hour or more. You might try waiting until you are ready to get down to business before slipping on the cock ring after applying some lube (you can probably make it appear you are just smoothing out the lube if you do it fairly simultaneously.) I then do a number of kegels to force in additional blood to bring it back to or close to, the post pumped size. It is worth a try.

Start 11/09 BPEL: 5.5", EG: 4.4"

Current. BPEL: 6:4", EG: 5.5"

I have no problem with extra skin or foreskin. I think more skin equals more girth. I notice when I pull the skin over my head it makes my head a lot thicker. Idont wear a cockring that is hard plastic or metal. I throw on the silicone rings. So it dont restrict bloodflow it just keeps me engorged. When I wear it I do t notice any change in color. I had it on for about a hour before and just gave me a donut. I didnt mind that because when I get donuts there only noticeable when Im soft so when I have a encounter with a woman my dick dont look like the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters.

I date alot so It not like I can time my sexual encounters with new women. I like to stay pumped for a few hours before I take them out. Im usually getti g them out of their panties in a few hours. Im pretty smooth like that. First impression is everything so aint nothing better than pulling a huge pumped up dick on a new girl.

So it wont be no problem wearing a silicone cockring all day after pumping to keep the pump.

I wear one all day and night most of the time but it is a special one that doesn’t cause any problems and I adjust it every time I go to the toilet.

What kind of ring are you using? What kind of expansion do you maintain throughout the day?. I get about a .75. Expansion when I pump if I could throw a ring on and keep that for a few hours I would be a happy guy

Thanks you the man. I will be ordering today. So you keep that on all day after pumping with no problem?

What model size would you recommend?

I bought the pack of 5 and find the E size perfect for all day and night use have had no problems for the last 6 months using it. Sometimes when I get really hard erections during the night I grab the tools and take it off then put it back on after my morning pump session.

How much expansion do you keep thru the day ? I would like to keep the same post pump expansion all day.

I work physically during the day so its hard to maintain allot of my post pump size, you have to go to the toilet and piss then pull the band back then it will swell up again.I still manage to keep at lest 50% size all day. Night is different its about double its normal size.

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