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Pumping question

Pumping question

Hi all,

I’m very new to pumping and had a question regarding being “sucked in” to the cylinder a little more than I’d like. I’ve heard/read a lot about guys getting their balls sucked into the cylinder when pumping.with me what happens is the top part of my scrotum, not my actual balls, sometimes gets sucked into the cylinder and ends up kinda tucked under my shaft. I lube my shaft and try not to get lube on my balls to try and prevent them from being slick enough to slide into cylinder when I start applying pressure and I even try to pull my balls down as I begin to usually happens a few pumps in as I get up to full pressure when I feel the top part of my ball sac slipping into the cylinder and I can see it bunched up, sometimes to the left sometimes to the right, under my shaft at the entrance to the cylinder.

My main questions are.. Is the cylinder I’m using a little too big? (I ordered it from a place that uses girth measurements to select cylinder size), and is there any harm to my possible gains in pumping for that little bit of extra skin being pulled into the cylinder as I pump? It feels a little weird as it happens but once I maintain pressure it doesn’t hurt or anything nor does it prevent me from making a good seal. Just wondering if any of you guys who pump have experienced this and what your thoughts are.


What’s your girth and what is the size of your tube?

Some skin isn’t a problem. Nor, usually, is getting one or both balls sucked in. It’s the feeling of that that I hate. :)



My girth is 5.25” and my tube size is 2”.

You might want to try shaving the area closest to your root clean if it is already not(though DON`T pump the same day you shave). When you get into the cylinder, Do you try to pump to your target Hg right away? Try gradually easing into it. Geting skin sucked into the cylinder somewhat is normal. I think your girth for your tube is fine. It leaves you plenty of room for expansion. Try to pull the scrotum skin out (gently) as you pump up to pressure.

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