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Pumping Question

Pumping Question

I have been looking to add something new to my routine and have been reading about pumping. I was wondering if pumping is not to popular anymore because of all the new vacuum hanging products? Or because it is “older” than other methods? Then I thought maybe it was because of bad wrap pumping has from people using to much suction. Reading through the pumping forum this sounds like the way to go as long as you take it easy? Is pumping the way to go if one is looking to add length?


Pumping can be very dangerous.. It also generally does not work well unless you have a substantial routine otherwise.

It is fun, because it does give you a temporary girth increase (a watery girth increase, but an increase nonetheless).

Make sure you are conditioned before you try it. Get a pump with a gauge and PLEASE stay below 5 hg. I got two clots because I went over and that was less than fun.

Also, vacuum hanging has nothing to do with pumps. They are for different things. Some vacuum hangers might use a pump device to work, but they are like comparing a wrench with a screwdriver (okay, horrible analogy, I know).

Start: 1/11/06, Committed:11/1/06, Measure: 6.3 BPEL, 5 EG

Goal: 7.3 BPEL

Pumping is not dangerous if you go about it sensibly. In fact, many doctors recommend it to improve erection quality.



Pumping is an everyday routine for me. It is not dangerous when done right. I am sure when pumping that my girth expansion is from tissue expansion and not fluid build up around the tissues which results from high pressures and/or too many long sets. I also incorporate other exercises between pumping sets.

So do you all think pumping would be the way to go? I would be starting off extremely slow and working up. Would love to incorporate this into the newbie routine. Don’t want to quit the newbie routine till my newbie gains stop.

You can do Newbie and pump. Easy to blend the two.



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