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Pumping Question re cylinder size and packing

Pumping Question re cylinder size and packing

Even after reading many threads in the Pumpers’ Forum, I’m still a bit confused (this will come as no surprise to those who know me). I’d be appreciative of any answers & advice from those of you who have some experience with pumping.
Recently I ordered a pump from Lapdist, not only using their cylinder sizing table as a guide but actually emailing the company with my dimensions to be sure I was ordering the right size cylinder. My unit’s shape is rather baseball-bat-like, thicker at the head than at the base, with 5” girth at the widest point. Lapdist advised me to get the 1.5” cylinder. Now, when I got this thing home the other day, naturally I ripped open the box immediately and began to pump, eager for the gains that jelqing and stretching alone are not bringing me (well, not much). Following advice I read in various threads, I entered the cylinder erect - and found I packed it completely (girthwise) without even beginning to pump! Pumping to between 1 and 2 on the gage, I felt a bit uncomfortable in the tube, all packed in like a sardine - but I figured, okay, the expansion will just have to go lengthwise, and length is what I’m going for. But, when I measure inside the cylinder, I was right about the same as my usual, fully erect length (5.75” NBPEL). So - no expansion. Then when I pulled out of the cylinder, I immediately detumesced. Sure, there was a bit of “sponginess”, a feeling of heaviness maybe, after the pumping session, but I can’t help but feel there’s something wrong.
First, shouldn’t the cylinder allow for some expansion, girthwise? Shouldn’t I NOT be packing the tube before I even start pumping?
Second, given that there was no expansion possible except lengthwise, is it normal that there WAS no expansion in that direction?
I did use heat before the session, and plenty of lubricant in the cylinder.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Their guide recommended for me a 1.75” cylinder as I was just under 6” EG. I had to immediately reorder the 2” cylinder because after one short pumping session, I couldn’t get back into the 1.75” tube. I have grown a bit in EG so I’m regularly packing the 2” tube now.

Pumping didn’t give me any EL gains until I began clamping beforehand. I scratched out some marks on the tube so I could gauge my progress. So far, I’m on my third mark.

I’ve found using the pump periodically rather than all the time gives me the best results. I’ll pump 1-3 days one week and take 7-10 days off from it. I do the same with hanging, clamping, and the Penis Master. Jelqing and stretching are the only things that I do “all” the time.

I have also found that wrapping the cylinder with a heating pad while I pump is helpful.

October 2006: BPEL - 7", EG - 6"

January 2007: BPEL - 7.25", EG - 6.25"

August 2007: BPEL - 7.5", EG - 6.25"

Pump manufacturers always recommend on the small side and I think it is so they can sell more cylinders, but don’t quote me on that. That is why I made up my own cylinder sizing chart located near the top of the Pumpers Forum. I would have recommended a better fitting 1.75” cylinder for you.

It is much easier to get girth than length by pumping

probably that is why manufacturers recommend a size which lets you pack immediately

leaving only room for length increase.

To me, the best cylinder should be about 30% wider and longer than the penis

to induce length I think the best way is to jelq in and out of the cylinder

30 min cumulative workout in the morning and another 30 min in the night

is my best routine. LOW PRESSURE!

Perseverance wins

The 1.5” tube sounds small to me muggles. The 1.75” tube should be about right.

Thanks, all. Looks like Lapdist is going to get a little more money out of me to get another cylinder! I’m wondering too, though, if there might be any good effect to be had by pumping in the smaller tube (say, for about 5 minutes), then switching to the larger one? - Other than telling myself that the first cylinder wasn’t a waste of cash, I mean.

The 1.5 is essentially brand new. Perhaps someone would like to buy it.

Yes, you should post it here. I bought my pump and my vacu-hanger that way.

Cylinder size

This may help you chose the right cylinder size.

Measure the circumference of your penis erect, then divide that measurement by 3.142 ( pye ) that will give you the diameter of your penis, you will then need to choose slightly larger cylinder to allow for growth.
Hope this helps.

I am new to pumping but not new to PE, and after reading some reviews I would like to give pumping a try.
Can someone please post the link for a store that sells the best quality gear.


Since I am not circumcised, am I susceptible to doughnuts?

You are unlikely to get donuts if you follow thunderplace’s pumping vets recommendations of multiple short sets at low pressure. At least I have never gotten a donut.

Here are a couple more:


For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

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