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Pumping pressure question


Originally Posted by rcenters

Mine is one of the kaplan hand pumps, the pump/tube/cylinder don’t mind water apparently but the pressure gauge has become stuck on 2.5 hg(when not under pressure, it does go up while pumping) after 2 months of shower use.

You can’t rely on it to be accurate. You should get a new gage.

Is it normal for the vein(or artery, if that’s what it is) on upward facing side to bulge massively under pressure? I didn’t pay attention before, but now that I’m having to judge pressure by feel I was curious. And I am of course trying for like 4Hg or not more than 5 anyway.

Also having trouble finding the right gauge online; here is one I found, but the description says 0-30 Hg, and while there is 0-30 on the photo, it says PSI not Hg, so not sure there. Also, the connector on the bottom looks the same, but I’m not sure how to measure the one I have to make sure it’s the same..



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