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Pumping + power jelq = wow!

Pumping + power jelq = wow!

So I have been kinda upset that pumping has given me pretty crazy in tube length and girth, but nothing out of the tube. And I shrink back to normal flaccid immediately. Also, even without overdoing it, my eq is pretty poor when pumping only. I suspect this is because the negative pressure “erection” makes my dick lazy as hell.

On the other hand, I was disappointed with jelquing because, although it makes me wake up with rock fucking hard ons, I don’t notice any type of fuller penis effect or gains from it.

Yesterday, for the first time, I spent about thirty minutes in the bath mate, and then went to jelq with my homemade power jelqer , and holy shit… It was pretty apparent that my dick actually was more swollen than normal, seemed more stretchy, and the general character of my meat just seemed different. It was more doughy and pliable. Plumper and noticeably more responsive to the jelq devices pressure.

Also, I woke up today w rock hard wood for about thirty minutes. At one point I was doing keggles, and looked down, and the comforter looked like a damn hamster was doing jumping jacks under it.
Haven’t had eq like that since I put the jelqer in storage. Well it’s back out now!

This shit is the killer combo for me!!!

pontiuspolet, I haven’t tried that combo yet. I was “power” jelqing (homemade from canning tool) and hand stretching only to find little to no gains which made me give up on it for a while. I have recently built a new pump and cylinder (non-clear PVC, yeah I know) and am thinking of joining your regiment and give it a try. How many jelqs are you doing and how slow? Are you only using the bath-mate or are you using a pump with a gauge? If so what pressures are you using? Thanks for the idea.

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