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Pumping/PE Personal Observations

Pumping/PE Personal Observations

Pumping Effects

I have done some “pumping” on an irregular basis starting 2 1/2 years ago. Most of my pumping was concentrated on my ballsac which had always been too tight up in the groin and small. Pumping and manual/non-manual stretching have worked very well to eliminate that problem. I’m pretty content now with the look of my stretched and looser ballsac.

I have also pumped my penis, and I like the quick visual and psychological effects of a larger penis brought on temporarily by a good pump. The shorterm increase in size has also been a good motivator for me to continue my regular PE routine of jelqing and stretching, which I began in earnest in January 2001.

I still do some occasional “pumping” (3 - 4 times per month for PE and variety), and there are some “personal” observations that I’d like to make:

1) In looking back at the past 2.5 years, I believe that pumping was instrumental in some of my early erect “length gains”. When I used to pump more frequently, I could easily monitor the gradual “pumped length” increases through the clear tube. Eventually, some of the “pumped length” became a permanent “erect length” increase.

2) “Flaccid gains” for me did not come substantially from pumping. In fact, my penis sometimes seemed a bit smaller on the day after the pump, before it came back to its normal state or slightly bigger. I’ve had the most success with flaccid gains (length and girth) from intense and consistent jelqing/squeezes.

3) “Girth gains” (erect/non-erect), in particular, have come best from jelqing, squeezes and the power jelq, and they are still coming along well.

4) I seem to have plateaued on my “length gains” in the past 2-3 months, so I’m considering incorporating more regular “penis pumping” back into my routines to see if I can jumpstart length gains again. I use a 1.75 inches diameter tube rather than my 2.00 inch tube so that I can fill the tube faster and get a better “length pull” of the shaft up the tube. I’ll probably try pumping on an every third day basis to see how this helps or not.

Just in case, anyone now wonders about my stats, routines, etc…., they can refer to my earlier post at the Progress Reports/Personal Routines section:

PEFOREAL’S Routine/Stats/Comments

I’m looking forward to any other “pumping” vs PE observations from the members.



You’ve had really impressive gains.

Maybe more frequent pumping will get you off the plateau? A change in routine often does that, guys say.

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I’m definitely going to try to jumpstart/shock the length gains again with some pumping. Hopefully, this will undo the plateau.
Vegas was great! I was very lucky on my first day and hit 2 “Royal Flushes with No Deuces” on two separate Deuces Wild machines and later that night hit “4 Deuces” for a quick five grand. Definitely, my lucky weekend!


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