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Pumping on a budget


I paid that pump about 90 €, at that time it seemed to me a normal price.

Now if I’ll have to buy a pump, probably I would look at a little lower price, but still taking a product that does not break after a short time.

However it depends on how long you want to invest in the pumping, I think. :)

Starting sept 2012: BPEL 15.5 cm - NBPEL 13.5 - EG 13,0 cm

Today: BPEL 18.5 cm - NBPEL 15.3 cm - EG 14.0 cm

Goal: BPEL 19 cm - NBPEL 17.0 cm - EG 16 cm

Awesome thanks guys

I bought a elliptical cylinder + hand pump set from VacuTech for almost 200 dollars, because all the PE forums recommended them as the best source for pumping gear.

The Vacu Tech cylinder cracked within a few days. VacuTech was very friendly about it, I sent it in and got a replacement.

During the few days I was waiting for a replacement, I bought a $26 Cylinder from Amazon.

It has the same air valve as the VacuTech cylinder, so I was able to use the VacuTech hand pump. It also gives a better seal because it is flared at the bottom and is lighter than the VacuTech Cylinder.

I’m no pro at pumping, but I honestly don’t understand why I should ever spend over $100 on a cylinder again. Even if this cylinder breaks, it was only $26 and I’ll have a new one in two days with Amazon Prime!


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