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Pumping Mistake

Pumping Mistake

I do not usually pump but I have off and on. I got carried away today and for fun used too much pressure for too long (no issues while doing it). Anyway the fluid build up that resulted is going away but I can’t seem to get an erection. I did not experience any pain, or numbness, or spots/brusing but still several hours later no erection. Is temporary due to overwork? Has this happened to anyone else. Help.

It’s temporary. Could be from over doing it, or a combination of you over doing it and then thinking about it too much. You should be back to normal by tomorrow morning.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

A hopeful thanks

I appreciate the response. I believe your correct but its a little scary when nothing like this has ever happened to me. A lesson to anyone who reads this thread for sure. Don’t get bored and stupid at the same time. For the record I only over did it because I was somewhat conditioned and was experiencing no adverse effects during the session, well not until after. Again, thanks!

Just in case any other pumpers read this, gprent was correct. The impotence lasted about 8 hours and then everything was back to normal with a little help from the Mrs (who was not told of the incident).

I guess you don’t realize how much you love your dick until you think you’ve harmed it. The first time I pumped with heat I burned my dick, never again. Now I am extra cautious.

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