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Pumping just the top part of the penis?

Pumping just the top part of the penis?

I recently had surgery which involved an incision through my circumcision line. Where it has healed it has caused for a restricitve band to form on the top part of my shaft skin wont move as a result. It’s a but like a paraphimosis, only that I’m circumcised. If possible I want to avoid further surgery to correct this problem. It’s been months 7 months since my surgery and it’s not going to improve so I want to try and stretch or widen the skin in that area. Unfortunately i can’t put in the traditional way as I have scars at the base of my penis and on the underside and in the past when I pumped, these streched and became much more visible, so had to have them corrected ands top pumping. Ironically I now actually want to stretch a scar, but want to avoid damaging the old scars so can’t put the tube right down to the base. Is there anyway in which I could pump, but only target the top third of my penis? Basically I think I need to create a seal about 2 thirds the way up my shaft and pump the skin from the area upwards expands and stretches. Does anyone have anyideas of how I could achieve this and is it safe to just pump one part of the penis?

There are pumps with sleeves at the bottom rim, if tight enough you might get a good seal. But without knowing more specifically what your surgery was for, I wouldn’t recommend you pump at all. If you stretch the skin everywhere at the top of your shaft, you’ll only exaggerate the discrepancy as the scar resists more. Maybe some of the vets have a different take or a better idea, but I’d be very cautious.

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