Pumping is fun for me

Just wanted to build up my rep on here, but I joined at the behest of a fellow pumper that I know from a different site. I’m not a religiously committed pumper, but I love to pump for fun and the sensation. Not serious about permanent gains, but I love how pumping significantly increases my loads.

I’ve recently had to buy a new pump due to my carelessness with wet pumping. I’ve invested about $150 in two new pumps and 1 new tube. I already have 3 different sized tubes, but also one busted grip pump.

My newest pump is a classic bilge pump. I used one about 10 years ago when I first pumped with a guy (back when I was 18). I just bought one from online and a bit puzzled on how to use it. If your primary pump is a bilge pump, then please let me know if there’s any particular notes about using a bilge pump.

One of my questions is how to do an emergency release on a bilge pump, since there isn’t a button like on a grip pump?