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Pumping instead of jelqing

Pumping instead of jelqing

I started pumping just over a week ago. I’m really enjoying it and I am getting loads of positive pi’s. my question is because of my time restraints I am finding it hard to jelq as much as I did. I stretch, then do three 5 minute sets at 5 in neg pressure with jelqing for a minute or two between each set to introduce some fresh blood. So overall I am probably only jelqing for a maximum of 3-5 mins. In my mind I am getting the expansion I would of got from jelqing through pumping. Am I right or is it important for me to try and work in more jelqing? Does everyone that pumps and gets results jelq too or do some make gains without the jelq technique or at least not much of it?


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In my experience, the more you jelq, the better. Pumping expands the tissues, but jelqing helps break them down so they can expand more. Your routine looks good for a starter routine. Keep it going and slowly introduce more jelqs into your sessions.

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Thanks for the good advice about jelking. What are your thoughts on alternating pumping and clamping in the same routine?

Great input IlogPE, I think jelqing is what has made my pumping sessions more effective. I have gone through periods where I do not jelq and then periods where I do jelq the difference is notable. Happy pumping.

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Hi there,

yes I agree Jelqing and pumping and you cant go wrong

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Would not the best be to do both?

I would recommend experimenting with various manual techniques as well as equipment within your interest and price range.

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