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Pumping in comparison to Jelqs

Pumping in comparison to Jelqs

Hello all,

Just got off the phone with CTC company about their electric pump. The gentlemen I spoke to (I think his name is Chris) told me that this device has a suck and release feature which is beneficial for gains. Apparently the device allows for circulation of new blood during each cycle. Well at any rate, during our conversation he made a statement that was of interest. I am paraphrasing but he said “this device is similar to Jelqing with the benefit of not using your hands.” The reason why the topic came up was because I asked if he thought Jeqling was beneficial.

The thought behind this is he explains is that the suck and release feature simulates the Jelq response on the penis. I thought more about this and I wonder if there is validity to this theory. He claims that the electric pump does 50 cycles per minute which I believe might force the release and drawing off blood and fluids to the end of the penis. I think this is similar to the method of Jelqing isnt it?

At any rate, I ordered the pump and awaiting for its arrival sometime at the end of this month. If anybody would like to chime in, please do so..


Go Celtics!

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