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Pumping for years


I have tried various forms of PE of the years but I have found that I benefit most from pumping.

It what works best for my unit.

I can attribute most of my gains to pumping. It is what is going to help me reach that goal. I am slowly creeping up on 8” and am very happy.

My unit feels healthier and the fact that I can work on other matters while doing PE helps a great deal.

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Phenyo- what was your routine and how did you progress with it in terms of time length/pressure? And to everyone on here- do you wrap your penis afterwards? Recently I have been folding a piece of tissue lengthways until it is about 2cm wide and then I wrap it around the base of my penis after a session. Then I tie a piece of bandage around my penis- not wrap, just put it around once and tie it like the beginning of tieing a shoelace. I make sure it is not too tight but not too loose as to be pointless. I am unsure how long to leave it on though?

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01/02/2014 - NBPEL 16.5cm / BPEL 18.5cm / BPFSL 20.3cm / Girth12.5cm - 10 minute pump, 20 jelqs, 5 minute pump 20 jelqs ~2.5-3hg 1 on 2 off.

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Hey beenie169. My routine back in 2008 was 2 fiteen minute sets of pumping up to 5-6 gs on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule with 15 minutes of manual stretches back then. It took about 2 months for me to gain a quarter inch in length and some base girth from it.

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5-6hg is too much for me, I’m comfortable with the 3hg but I often pump it up a little bit more just to see the extra stretch. I asked this question in another thread but no one replied so I’ll ask it here to the guys who have been pumping and gaining for years- did you wrap after pumping to keep the pump? Lately I have just been folding a tissue until it is about 2 cm wide and wrapping it around my base. THen I tie a bandage around it in a simple knot type way but not to tight as to cut off the flow of urine when I go toilet.

-The Only Way to Lose is to Fail to Try-

01/02/2014 - NBPEL 16.5cm / BPEL 18.5cm / BPFSL 20.3cm / Girth12.5cm - 10 minute pump, 20 jelqs, 5 minute pump 20 jelqs ~2.5-3hg 1 on 2 off.

01/09/2014 - NBPEL 16.5cm / BPEL 19cm / BPFSL 20.5cm / Girth12.7cm / BPELIP 19.2cm

With all of these “years” of pumping, has that been the sole or primary means of PE you have engaged in (I.e.jelqing, stretching, hanging, etc.)? If so, what were/are some of your routines?

Wow, I used to pump on 10-15hg when I was young and naive. I stick to 5-8 now. No loss of erection which so I’m fortunate. I have pumped for about 10 years and if you stick with it the gains stay. I did no form of PE for years and lost most of my gains and I think that pumping was my main source of gains when combined with dry and wet jelqs inbetween sets.

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Hi Guys,

With regards to pumping for length gains (if any, that is) is that simply because the tunica gets longer, or that the ligaments stretch more?

I first started about the mid 70’s and about 1981 started underwater pumping in the bath.. Mainly cause it more private there. One hour or more bath sessions every night were common.

Originally Posted by FryPup
Has anyone here been pumping for years?

If so, what has been your experience in terms of temporary or permanent gains?


It’s been 9 years for me, and I attribute most of my 2” length permanent length gains to pumping. It was best for me to pump while as erect as possible in the tube. I watched porn to keep hard. Morning pumps are the most effective for me with the higher a.m. testosterone levels.

I also gained a good deal of permanent girth from pumping, and it has been augmented and solidified by clamping in the past 2 years. Now days, I pump maybe one or twice a week for overall penile health. Still one of my favorite activities.


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Gonna review this when I return from work.

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