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Pumping for Venous Leak?

Pumping for Venous Leak?

Avocet, if I remember correctly I believe you stated that you had a venous leak and the benefits of pumping mitigated the negative effects brought forth by the venous leak. I might suffer a venous leak and have not undergone the doppler color test, or whatever its name is. But I will. In the mean time, I was wondering if any you guys that pump experience benefits for a venous leak?

I found some threads but wanted more people to answer. I only found a couple people and would like to know more about the overall benefits of pumping. I will join you, my brothers, very soon. I will Pump…


Hey invictus are you in a pumping routine? I will start mine today just to see that i recover my sexual energy. I dont want to masturbate now, Im felling very fatigued these days, and cumming just makes me fell more depressed. But i dont want to stop the penis exercises. So a pumping routine is benefical. I will try today if i get a good workout with clamping. If i dont get good wood, i will move to pumping.

Try to start a pumping routine invictus for one month and see that your penis gets better. I dont know if you are into porn, or you are in a relationship. But if you are single and dont have a partner. Maybe cutting porn and masturbation help.

I was pumping kind of casually for a while, then discovered Thunder’s around the time that I was diagnosed with veinous leakage. I started pumping more regularly after doing the newbie routine and my EQ has improved significantly. The size gain was appreciated, too. Good luck. There’s a ton of good information here in Pumper’s forum. Be careful.

:_pump: :donatecar

Hey Bugasman; No, I am not pumping right now as I have yet to order a pump, but it is my next method of PE for me. I am on a decon break right now, and will resume with pumping, as I think its the safest route for me. I am into porn and am single. I have been cutting down on the porn/masturbating and have seen positive results.

I have done lots of research and I believe pumping is the best route for me. It will fix my venous leak while doing everything jelqing does, but only a lot safer.

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