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Pumping for length

Pumping for length

Hi All,

I used to pump in a 2” cylinder but had to stop due to an injury from hanging. My girth reduced in this time from 5 3/8 to 5/ 1/4.

I decided I wanted to add length so recently bought a 1.75” cylinder (which is so much more comfortable than my old thickwall tube due to a flange at the base).

I pack it from base to 3” up and my head. Is there any danger from packing the tube? I so 4 6 minute sets with lots of lube as I understand I can get blisters on my Glans.

Also will is straighten out my upward curve?
I hope not because I like it.

No danger in packing the tube. If you use lube heavily, you should not blister with short sets at moderate pressure.

You can correct the curve somewhat. It takes time; some months of regular pumping. You will have better luck at that with this new, narrower tube.

There is a theory that length gains happen better in a narrower tube. Idea being that if you pack the tube girthwise, you will get more upward pull than outward. I am not sure whether or not I subscribe to that theory having got both length and girth gains in a tube which was at first a little large for me, except at the base.



Hmm darn I wouldn’t want my curve straightened out either.

Wonder if there’s any way to not straighten it out..

Good to know there is no danger in packing the tube.
I do lube heavily, this also helps me get a seal with the wide based cylinder.

I like my curve so I hope it will not straighten out.
I took a couple of pics with a ruler touching my base and Glans so I will be able to compare the curve in a few months time.

I had heard t hat length gains are easier in a narrower tube, that is why I purchased one, we will see.
At the moment I am packing from base to Glans on both sides and underneath but have the top 2 1/2 inches to go on the top. This is probably due to my curve?
So far the length I reach in the 1.75” is exactly the same as in my 2”. I was hoping I would get extra length in the narrower tube.
Maybe I need to fully pack the 1.75” first before the length will increase?

You don’t say how long your tube is. If, say, 10” then you are pulling 7.5 L in the tube.

Suppose, just suppose, you did eventually pack the entire length of the 1.75 tube and your cock were nearly 10” L. You would still have the same girth of 5 3/8 which would be fine if that is what you like, however that girth on a 10 incher might not be as proportional in appearance as 6 inch girth on an 8 incher might be. I guess it comes down to what you are looking to get in the end.

Personally, I think ANY gain, L or G, is a bonus and it never mattered much to me which happened first or if they happened simultaneously so long as I made gains. :)



Yes it is a 10” tube. The longest length I can reach after a couple of sets is 7 1/4”.

What I meant when I said

“At the moment I am packing from base to Glans on both sides and underneath but have the top 2 1/2 inches to go on the top. This is probably due to my curve?”

is that is how much of my penis is not packing girthwise, not lengthwise to the very top of the cylinder.

Sorry for the confusion.

My EBPL (not counting the curve) is 6 3/4”. I had reached 7” before I had to stop PE from injury.
My Girth is 5 1/4”. I had reached 5 3/8 before I had to stop PE.

My goal is 7.75 BP x 5.75 but really would prefer some length first, I believe while pumping for length in the 1.75” tube I will get some girth anyway even if it is only an 1/8”.

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