I’m convinced that PE is a form of addiction because of the brain chemicals it produces…like endorphins.

They say gambling is the hardest addiction to break, and it is precisely because of the brain chemicals it produces for some people.

I think PE and porn both can produce brain chemicals that are very powerful and potentially very addictive.

Thats why I really tell guys to separate PE from entertainment or the brain chemicals it produces. When you get hooked on the endorphins you can end up doing routines that no longer have anything to do with growth, but doing it for the sake of doing it itself.

Anyway, if you are already into a 3 week break, why not take that momentum and go to a full month or two and then see what kind of gains you can make.

I also believe its very important to be able to measure small daily to weekly gains…and take a decon break when gains stop. Any further PE beyond that point is counter productive…in my opinion anyway.

The other suggestion is to go to vacuum hanging after the decon break for a few weeks at a time…ala Monty’s method. In practice it is very similar to Xeno’s approach…and I think there is something to it.

Monty made great gains with using about 10 to 15 lbs…about 2 inches. But on the other hand, I hear of damn few guys getting more than 2 inches of increased length…those that do are few or of questionable accuracy.

It may very well be that for most guys, 2 inches is about all the extra we can get out of these things. If thats the case, I believe you are already about at that mark, and a little past.