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Pumping for Girth?

Pumping for Girth?

Now I suppose this may seem obvious but, I have heard quite a few people say that the pump is only temporary.

Im new to PE and Im not all that interested in gaining more length, if an extra inch comes by proxy so be it.

I am, however, very ashamed of my erect girth and would like to do whatever would help me PE for Girth.

So, would regular pumping help for permanent gains or is it just temporary eye candy?

Also does anyone have a slammin girth routine?


what’s your girth man? so far I’m one of the skinniest guys on here, and i understand the embarrassment. Just try not to compare youself to others on here, cause you’ll soon realize that everyone here is much bigger than then any average guy. I recently added a pump to my normal jelquing routine, but I would suggest doing normal simpler exercies for a couple week to train your dick before you start doing intense girth exercises. Things like Horse 440’s just seem quite dangerous especially for a beginner. Good luck, an di’m right here with ya.


I know that a lot of guys here have had great gains from the regular jelq, but it just didn’t do the trick for me. The squeeze exercise works great for me, however. All I do is take an 80% erection, squeeze with an OK grip at the base, while simultaneously squeezing just under the head with an OK grip. You can see the sides of your shaft balloon outwards when you do this. Hold this squeeze for 30 seconds (time yourself). Release; kegel fresh blood into your penis; repeat.

30 minutes of this performed 5 days a week added 0.3 inch of girth in 3 months for me.

My EG is around 4.75” Im not sure that I have seen any one post that they were much “skinner”. hehe

Anyway what Im concerned about is gaining to much length as I sometimes hurt my wife now.

It seems like most of the PErs here are all about length and there don’t seems to be as many routines or methods here that target girth specifically. I am aware of the few squeeze types, but there doesn’t really seem to be nearly as much as lengthening exercises.

Also I here that girth is much tougher to gain than length so Im really looking for anything that may give me the leg up.


Toxsus and skinnyguy, you aren’t alone in the girth department.

I think you’ll find the following general trends aren’t far off the mark. Everyone is different, but this is what I have observed:

* Most gain in the first few months using a routine based around jelqing and/or stretching. Some length and some girth. How much of each is highly variable.

* Most hit a stall, or plateau, soon after, having to work harder (sometimes much harder) for more progress.

* Looking through Size’s PE database (see link at the bottom of the page), the typical girth gain is something like 1/2”.

*For most guys girth is harder to gain than length.

* Horse squeezes and similar techniques give good temporary expansion, and sometimes some quick permanent gains. However, progress often quickly stalls.

I began at 4.25” midshaft and am now 4.75”. Base has gone from 4.5” to a little over 5”. My girth is VERY stubborn. I went a full year with no girth increase, then managed to pick up 1/8” last month. Pumping was one part of that successful, extremely time-consuming regimen.

IMO, pumping is worthwhile. I can’t tell you if it alone will increase your girth. Hell, I don’t even know if it would help mine. It is a tool in the PE arsenal. Use it poorly or inappropriately and it probably won’t do much. A program designed around it, or that includes it, may be just the ticket for you at a certain stage in your PE career. Or not.

Toxus. Have a look on the link to Size’s PE Date Site at the bottom of the page. You’ll find many ‘skinnier’ than 4.75”.

I started at 4.25” and am currently at 4.63” which came purely from wet jelqing (haven’t use a pump, but may consider it in the future).

I’ve gotten quite good length gains so far and now I’m gonna concentrate on girth with some sqeezes every other day and hopefully reach my goal of 5.5”.

I just started pumping for girth specifically.

My routine is a five minute hot wrap
5 minutes of pumping at 5 Hg
6 almost fully erect horses
5-10 more minutes pumping at 5 Hg
6 more horses
Around 30 minutes of pumping between 2.5 and 4 Hg

Each week I’m gonna increase the number of horses I do, probably getting to about 10 maximum.

Don’t know if this routine has worked yet or not, it’s only my second week. I think my penis does look fatter though. I’ll let you know if it has done anything at the end of this week when I measure.


For girth, get well-read on “uli” squeezes and the many variations on them. Use the pump as an adjunct to these exercises: Do these manuals, then pump for a short while, then resume the manual exercises you’ve chosen. Your time in the cylinder will give you both length pull and girth stretch, pumping complementing the manual exercises you’ve done. Becaue you are getting length pull under vacuum, you may also add some length even though you don’t want it. (Too bad we can’t trade among ourselves: “I’ll give you 0.50” length for 0.25” girth.”)

IMO, no question that Horses are great for girth, but they are also set you up for discoloration because they are so strenuous. Do them in moderation, especially in the beginning.




I have ED so some of the enlarging dick (ED) exercises do not work for me because they are best done with your dick ~50-75% hard i. e. jelqs.

I gave a member here two perfectly good Power Jelq devices because again, best results are with a hard dick.

Pumping has worked great for me. I pack my 1 3/4 x 9” cylinder and ramp up to 2 x 9” cylinder.

Many times after a pump session, I take five gms L-Arginine and go to one of my fave homoerotic sites and have cybersex. My dick is fat and hard!

Good luck,

OR eon

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