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Pumping donut help (broke up)

Pumping donut help (broke up)

So I just broke up with my g/f. During the really bad break up portion of our convo. she told me how “big” her ex b/f was. Long story short I went out, got drunk and pumped for about an hour at 15hg (call me stupid all you want) and put on a pretty bad donut. I know this was absolutely ridiculous and only realized it once I was done. I’ve applied a heat wrap and have massaged in a bruise cream, just in case. Does anyone have any suggestions for bad donuting. I’ve abused my PE’ing exremely, help please :( .


One more thought in removing your donut. Get erect first and then follow the duct tape suggestion. It will make it easier.

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One more thought - if you’ve been doing PE, you might want give your unit a break for a day or three. The consensus view seems to be that once you’ve had a donut, it’s easier to get one again. A little time off until your next PE session could help decrease the probability or severity of a reoccurrence.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Thanks for the advice, I read your thread PEforeal, but I really don’t get it. I just woke up today(atleast I had a morning wood); however, I still have a really bad donut. Could you explain more on the removal? Thanks

Using ace bandage on it. 2 inch width. Cut it in half so width is 1 inch and wrap around the swollen part. Works great. You wanna take care of those donuts fast cause it will cause the skin to stretch out to much and it won’t look to pretty when flaccid if you do it to often.

Thanks FF, I’m already in the process of selling my pump. I’ve only done this one time, last night. I was extremely drunk and made a stupid decision. I’m gonna wrap my boy up and give him a break from PE for a few days. :/

Well, you know yourself better than we do, footeddie. I would suggest keeping the pump and working on avoiding extremes in your PE. You can sell your pump, but if you get extremely drunk or distraught from some life event, not having the pump won’t keep you from finding some other way to do yourself some PE damage. Better to keep the pump, and work on the discipline to use it moderately, and PE moderately…

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Well, good news is the fluid that I had built up all disappated before the day ended. I merely used an old wrap. Everything else is also normal (thank god). I took the past 2 days off and will now lightly resume my routine. Thanks for all the help guys, I’ll be hiding my pump when I get like I was!

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