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Pumping Damage? Not Sure....

Pumping Damage? Not Sure....

Hi All,

I’ve noticed an area on the left side of my dick just behind the head that seems to be puffing out. It doesn’t appear to be new veins, but looks l more like a bubble of fluid like after you’ve pumped and just started to get a little of the donut effect.

If I had to guess, I’d say that it’s a weak spot in the tissue that has developed from pumping. Since this spot doesn’t go away after a day, I don’t think it’s just fluid buildup from pumping.

My question is, does this sound like possible tissue damage and if so, if I quite pumping for awhile will it repair itself or is this going to be permanent?

I noticed that if I do some squeezes that it seems to stick out more which is another reason that I suspect a weak spot in the tissue.

Your comments and advice are appreciated. If it would help in diagnosing, I could take a pic since I have a digital camera.


Are you pumping for a long period of time and/or with high pressure? Sounds like your problem could be a lingering donut effect from overpumping or a water blister from high pressure. It’s hard to tell without seeing the problem exactly. If it’s a lingering donut, you can help matters by massaging the area to help disperse the fluid.
A pic would help me and others attempt to diagnose what’s happening to you. It doesn’t seem serious, and I hope it goes away soon for you.


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