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Pumping/clamping combo

Pumping/clamping combo

Last night I did 20 mintues of pumping and 15 minutes of clamping all in the same session. The effect was incredible. My shaft had never been so expanded. I’ll be making that a part of my regular routine. That being said. I’m wondering how often I should do the clamping. I’m already trying to do two sessions per day on the pumping and I’ve heard some say that clamping is something that should only be done 2-3 times per week. Any suggestions?

Whenever I get a change or time to pump, I pump dick for thirty minutes, clamp WHILE PUMPING BALLS, Clamping for 10 minutes on 10 off and 10 again, then return to pumping dick for an additional 30 minutes. Generally a hour and 45 minutes all together. Great great expansion as you said. Sometimes if that familiar feeling is not too strong, I get in another ball pump and clamping session following second set on the dick, but that’s rare and getting balls back into tube is difficult.

I think pumping and clamping are the perfect combo. When you clamp after pumping you can extend your post pump result while edging. It is a great visual turn on to be edging your clamped pumped up cock. I also pump while clamped by wearing my broccoli bands.

For me, trying to do 2 pumping sessions per day got to be too much as far as excessive trauma goes. Just monitor yourself closely and try to avoid discoloration or red spots.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

How many times per week should I clamp?

I remember doing this some three years ago. Where I would pump and then clamp there after and man was I huge.

In actual fact I actually made some of my best gains during that period. Although I am hanging at present, I really consider pumping to be the foremost most constructive form of PE in my case.

We are all very different I can not necessarily suggest a rule for your case. I can only say monitor your erection quality and other indicators. Everything in moderation.

I can clamp every day if I had the time and I would still be ok, however I only clamp occasionally these days and in moderation. Execessive clamping periods have in the past left me with very bad erection quality. Thus I say again moderation and adjusting for ourselves.

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Just don’t get carried away with pumping. Pump twice a day at the most. You will get better gains from this.

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