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Pumping At low HG bs?

Originally Posted by xaxxat
That’s correct. 6 inches = 15.24 centimeters. Have fun! :)

So, HG stands for… Hugh Grant?

I’m guessing. Does it show?

Before: I'd like to show you something I'm very proud of, but you'll have to move real close.

After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

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The sweetest little pump in all these parts

The secret of being able to tolerate high pressure sessions for me is stimulation. If I take a Viagra, put on some porno, wrap a heating pad around the tube and use one of those big Black and Decker vibrators that shakes the walls and makes static on every TV in the house, and milk the tube continuously I can pump at high pressure for hours without a doughnut.

I love my pump more than I can say

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

Love my pump

Oh, I forgot. Soft music and candlelight.

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

What is milking the tube?


I’ve been pumping for 12 years and in the early days had my share of bruises and blisters.I don’t have a gage but I pump at low pressure,enough to keep it on, plus a few more pumps to stretch my cock.I also pump for long periods,20-60 minutes, with rest periods and milking every ten minutes.

I also stretch before, and after.

High pressures just don’t work for me.Be safe and good luck.

Originally Posted by bizzabolla
What is milking the tube?


Once you are erect, grasp the tube and pull it a bit away from your body. Some like to do a Kegel or two at the same time.



Stretchedout: 12 years at the pump, any permanent gains?

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

I started out doing PE exercises years ago,if fact when I found this site,I was surprised to find that many of the exercised I made up,actually had names. It’s really hard to guess if my gains are from pumping alone or the combination of the two.I think it’s the latter.I’ve been thinking of a few more new exercises that I’ll have to share with everyone.

I’ve gained almost 2 inches since I’ve started.I was doing maintainance PE before I found this site.I now do PE and pump like a man possessed!

Does anyone know what the maxium extra lenght limit is?I’m now 9” bone pressed and want to hit double digits.

Pumping for 7 yrs??????? Shouldn’t you be like 12 inches by now? I don’t care what size you started. Maybe pumping isn’t for you. I have to commend you though for being so dedicated to PE. I am giving it a year and a half tops and after that I’m done. I don’t want my goal that bad. 7 years is an awful long time.

I’ve been pumping for 7 yrs. also. It may seem like a long time, but PE is not a sprint, its a marathon.

I think the thing many people trying this stuff out don’t realize is that no specific exercise is perfect for everybody, and it takes a lot of time just to discover what works. I didn’t see my first real significant gains until I started doing other exercises besides pumping, and that was after 5 years of pumping.

I still pump because I believe it has its benefits, but I know now that it won’t do the trick by itself.

As for the HG issue, I have never used a gauge so I don’t know what vacuum I pump at. I’m pretty sure I’m pushing the limit though. I used to raise blisters because I would push too hard, but now I stop short of pain, and don’t leave the vacuum on for very long.
I agree with the original poster in that I also pull more length in the tube by applying more vacuum. An individual just needs to know what his threshold for safety is.

Ok, lots of people chimed in. I have not found pumping to be that good at achieving anything. Maybe if I pumped 5 times a day that would do the trick. I am not spending that much time on this anymore. I jelq 100 times a day and do stretches, jai and v kind and I see immediate effect of red spots on my dick meaning I have done some good. But in the pump NOTHING, no red dots no blisters no hairy D, When I bought my pump I thought that In like 6 months or less I would be hung. Didn’t work that way. I say anything is better than pumping as long as you stick to it! I have bought every snake oil pill pump stretcher that you can find and nothing is the magic bullet for me. But I did see some substantial gains from hanging. I think I will do that for a while and report on progress. Hell I got things I have never used before and would like to sell. I have a freaking tube you could put a 24 oz can inside and I have never used it. A glands enlarger I have never used. I have an autoEXT that I bought man I am not happy with anything. I think I will get some golf weights and wrap my dick and just hang around for a while.

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Is it possible that by pumping at high vacuum you have in fact strengthened the ligaments to resist the pull. So they will not ‘give’ any more?

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Also, It may be worth considering ar what level of vacuum the tube is rated. Particularly if you have been scratching it. An implosion of the tube under high vacumm could cause cutting, in rather more than the generally accepted use of the word. :eek:

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