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Pumping at high pressure for short time !?

Pumping at high pressure for short time !?

Hi there,

in the last days an idea came up in my mind, how it be to pump for several short periods of time, for example 30 seconds intervalls done 20 to 30 times.
I came to that thought because of some other manual PE techniques who advice you to do a slow jelq for 20-30 sec with success.
So when this method worked with (for example) the ULI, why should it not work with pumping ?
As far as I can see it gives me a good workout, and, very important, nearly no fluid building, because you only pump for 30 sec. , then jelq to get the blood flowing and to prevent the donut effect.
So wouldn`t it be an alternative to longer pumping at lower pressue which is adviced here in “Vacuum Pumping 101” ?

P.S: If there was already a discussion about that, please tell me because I could not find one with the search engine .

I guess you’ve got to factor in a lot of extra risk as you go up the scale. I’ve personally bottled it at 17Hg, but it was just for curiosity, and I’ve never done it regularly enough to see any changes. The main trouble is you don’t know what is the weakest link until it blows.

Both time and tension factor into the results, so it seems only prudent to up the time and lower the tension (or vacuum) for comparable results with a better risk profile.

Like I mentioned above, I’ve tried high Hg, but I couldn’t recommend it since I know it will cause accidents in a percentage of those that try it.

I don’t know what you mean by high pressure, but like Shiver said, when the weak link blows, then you are stuck with an injury. High pressure, even for short periods of time can still blow out those delicate capillaries.

That is why I always recommend pumping up slowly, especially on the first pump set and avoid rapid pressure changes. The closer you can come to using the vacuum to fill your cock at a natural rate, the more success you will have.

You don’t need extremes in any PE exercise to achieve results. Once again, it is the turtle and not the rabbit that wins the race.

With high pressure I mean only around 4 hg, not 17 (I even don`t know how to create so much pressure ??) since I am a beginner with pumping.
So that should not be too much.
I was just curious if you can gain faster that way.
I know that more is not always better, but if one is making progress this way, just as with lower pressure and longer pumping time, that could be as dangerous/not dangerous.
I think I will go on carefully that way, watching not to overdo it, look at the results and when I am not satistied, I will follow the “Vacuum 101 Routine”.

And there was no discussion about that kind of pumping before my thread; I can`t believe that. ?

There is all kinds of discussion about cycling pressure and using high pressure, but 4 inhg isn’t high.

How long are your pump sets? 10 minutes? If you are just starting, you can safely pump at 4-5 inhg for two 10 minutes sets with massage or jelqing in-between pump sets.

After a week or two, you can up it to three sets at that pressure and you can stay there for awhile and see how you progress. I would recommend pumping 6 days on and 1 off, or something like 3 on 1 off, 2 on 1 off for a seven day schedule.

Make sure to start off with a hot wrap prior to pumping, and it is good to enter the tube with a hard-on, or at least 90% erection or so. If you have an electric heat pad, you can wrap the tube with it as you pump.

I like to finish my session with an erect massage for 10-15 minutes. It’s a good way to know you have not overdone it, and you can enjoy your post pump size.

The only ‘sure thing’ I would put my money on is that if you could create a vacuum or tension device that you could wear for 24 hours a day, at minimal pressure (minimal meaning just low enough to allow complete blood circulation) you would grow. Obviously that isn’t practical so we have to compromise. There are a few long term pumpers that some have gains, but not many short term pumpers that have any gains. That says a lot to me about duration at an adequate stretch being the basic idea. Overload and repair exercises work too, but results vary greatly between individuals.

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