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Pumping and Un-circumcised penis?

Pumping and Un-circumcised penis?

Can I still pump if I’m “un-cut”, and if so what type of precautions should I take, or what effects should I be aware of?

Most of the FAQ’s that I’ve found on this site deal with circumcised penii, and I was looking into doing it, but I don’t know if it will adversely affect my un-circumcised penis.

Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.

No, your skin will stretch along with your penis to accomodate the new length and girth growth.

Duckjob, greetings:

I’m uncut, and I have had no trouble with pumping. Get hard (or as hard as you can), roll the foreskin back, lube-up well, insert, and off you go. Good luck with it.

Duckjob: I have been pumping for about a year both with and now wtihout a foreskin. No problem either way. If you can pull your foreskin back before you start , it will be easier and more comfortable for you (and more appealing). Keep the pressure on the low side and go easy— lots of breaks for Hard jelks e.g. 10 minutes tube then 100 jelks.

Pressure gauges seem to have nothing in common. I have had occasion to use three different ones, and one showed me I was at 20 mm of Hg and was comfortable and the vacutech I have now is a the same degree of comfort at 5 mmHg. This variation can only be explained by the quality of the pumps. They are not all measuring the same. At any rate , get to a level of suction that is noticeable and comfortable. Good luck

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