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Pumping and testicles getting pressed against the tube


Originally Posted by Clubber
Full package pumping still kind of gives me the creeps, but I will consider it if it could help me yield better length gains and if it is safe.

The first time I saw a pic of two stage pumping it turned me off as well. Giant water melon nuts is not, and will never be my goal (I just don’t understand the logic). However, the more I read on the subject, the more I wanted to try. So if you are interested just remember, short sessions, low pressure.

I agree with gprent, lowering the pressure can help prevent unwanted color change. I don’t know if you have privacy issues, but try water pumping. The warm water really helps to prevent discoloration, and swelling (I hate the donut effect). At least it helped me. So Climb in a warm tub of water and pump away.

Originally Posted by Titleist

Exactly the routine that brought me my length gains. Don’t mean to hijack, but keep up the routine and you’ll gain.

Your pics are the reason I started up again. I was going to wait a year but the I figured, aw what the hell.

Originally Posted by Rhadames
I had this problem until I used a portion of one of Monkeybar’s silicone sleeves at the base of the penis. It not only kept the testicles in check but caused a better seal as well.


Can you describe what I have to do exactly with the silicone sleeve, and can I make something from silicone, because I have silicone tubes left over from a rehab?

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Pumping Silicone

It is a simple sleeve, perhaps two inches long.(it was left over when the upper part tore) It doesn’t have to be tight on the penis but firm at the base. I’ve tried pumping with more than two inches and it works just as well. If you like you can double it over at the bottom of the shaft for extra seal. It seems to keep the testicles back and down. I’ve had the problem off and on and just came upon this method. I haven’t read of anyone else posting on the idea. I wonder if there is an advantage of pumping when a sleeve firmly surrounds the shaft. Hope it works for you, as well.


I don’t own any of Monkeybar’s stuff yet, but I had the same idea myself (using silicone sleeve to cover entire shaft while pumping). I’ve read some of the thread about condom pumping, and was wondering if a silicone sleeve would work better than a condom. Why don’t you give it a try and start a thread about how it went. I just don’t know when I’ll get the funds together to make another PE purchase.

Sorry about hi-jacking your thread Clubber.

Scrotum being pressed in

Timm Medical carries an excellent pump: Osbon Erec-Aid. They have a new ring that seals the end of the tube so you don’t get “sucked in”. Expensive, but it works



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