thank you Westla,

I share Avocet’s and Hobby’s opinion which do not collide but complement each other, it has to do with the stretch of the structures that connect to the testicles (epidydimus, seminal conduct, neuro-vascular bundle and cremaster). I can only speculate that somehow the stretch relaxes the tissues that are traumatized by a strong cremasteric reflex. I know for a fact that they are traumatized because the urologist explained that to me in detail.

As I said before, light and very careful stretches done manually gave me some relief, so it was a natural supposition for me to think that a gentler stretch through vacuum pumping could contribute too. But I wasn’t prepared for the immediate and dramatic results. Yesterday, 12 hours later I still had relief and experimented again during the shower. Then late at night, some 12 hours afterwards, pumped again with excellent results. Today I skipped the pumping during the shower to see how much more the analgesia would last, as I write this the testicle feels fine. I’ll have another session tonight. Another fact, both testicles have retracted less since I started this experiment. Maybe, it is a permanent solution and my balls get to hang lower with a much better appearance. I don’t mind becoming a chronic user of the tube, it sure is healthier than taking anti-inflammatory drugs.

Yes, pumping has caused some fluid build up which was one of my concerns because I don’t want to induce a hydrocelles, however I pump very carefully to give maximum stretch but feel comfortable, meaning not reaching the pain threshhold and even feeling pleasurable.

By the way, I do love having my balls sucked but have been reluctantly compelled to refrain from that activity, which -given the preliminary results- I plan to resume in the very near future, I’m already talking to the wife about the subject and she seems enthusiastically willing to do her part (maybe, with proper technique she can substitute for some pumping sessions).

Westla, I do ponder your opinions and they’re very important to me, your support is highly appreciated.

Take care,

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