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pumping and stretching

pumping and stretching

I had something odd happen today. I never ever get red spots anymore, but for the last several weeks I’ve been doing some manual stretching and haven’t been pumping. I did a pump session the other day, but hadn’t stretched for a few days. Not on purpose, but I had never put the two together until today & did some intense manual stretching as usual, but added a pump routine & got a ton of red spots after only 10 minutes at same, even lower, pressure than I have been using for several months. Has this ever happened with this combination to others. Sorry if this topic has been covered, have been around a long time & read a lot of posts, but miss a lot & didn’t come up in search.


When I take time off from pumping, I have to come back really easy with the pressure for the first few days or I get the red spots too. Bring the pressure up nice and slow and stick to only 4 in hg. Not exactly sure why I am so sensitive after a break, but coming back real easy is the solution. Don’t think the stretching is related to the problem.

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