Pumping and overtraining question

I just changed my routine to a 2 on 1 off 2 on 2 off so far I’m only on the first time through and at the 2 off part. What I do is on Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday I:
Warm wrap 10 min
Stretch all directions 15 to 20 min.
Jelq 125 slow strokes
10 10sec amazing isometrics
Pump at 5hg in the shower for 15 min

So far I have gained 3/16in NBPEL
My question is on my rest days is it ok to still pump in the shower at 3 to 4hg or would this make it not a true rest day? It seems like it would just be like an ADS on a day off would be plus my dick can handle a lot of pumping before I came here at one point I pumped at 10hg for 3 sets of 20 with very little fluid build up. Seems like the extra blood and stretch may help it heal faster. What do you guys think?