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Pumping and meditating

Pumping and meditating


If you haven’t seen the yinyangchi web site, it’s worth a look. Amazing tubes.

Several of the tube descriptions mention pumping while meditating. It sort of fits, as it’s normal to get an erection while meditating, and light pumping complements it.

I wrote the guy about it, mainly to ask for more info on P&M. He returned a nice response and invited further questions.

He pumps to aid his meditation. I tried a long session today and concluded that meditation aids my pumping, because I got really relaxed and the pump did a great job on me.

If the relaxation helps the pumping, wouldn’t it help hanging as well? Finding time to do it is the catch.



how about a link

P.H&M (not PP&M)

This had occurred to me before, but I’ve never done it.

What a great way to pass the time, if nothing else.

I often “multi- task” while hanging — you can visit this Forum , for one thing.

Meditation on dick size should help things “immeasureably”.

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!

RE: P & M (+)...

Howdy Guys!!

Relaxation is one of the vital keys to responsive and successful PE imo.
Another thing that ties into relaxation during PE is relaxation “post” PE imo.

If we go further and include “warmth” with “relaxation” post PE, that’s better yet.
Imo, warmth and relaxation post PE if done in such a way as to greatly extend the post session cool down, is another key.

Just my $1.75 cents worth…..:D

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.


… and post Pe concentration, and focus.



Concentration and Focus/Response

Concentration and Focus will produce Neuro-Static which in turn can hinder ones inner-relaxation depthness.

The more quiet the mind the more effective the relaxation, the more effective the relaxation the more successful the PE/PE result.

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.

I would have started a different thread instead of bumping this one, but alas I am not allowed. There doesn’t seem to be much about Yinyangchi on this site (or anywhere else for that matter) so I thought I’d ask a question about their cylinders here in case anyone happens to know. I emailed them a couple days ago and haven’t received a reply yet. I’m looking at the CK5PolyJelque cylinder located toward the bottom of the page here:

Does this jelq you while you’re pumping? Combining that with meditation at the same time would have an incredible effect. I’m just not quite sure how the cylinder would perform the jelq, so if anyone has some insight it would be appreciated.

So its pre PE, wax on
post PE wax off ?

I’ll get me coat ;)

||looking for something to .... about||

maybe along with the meditation and relaxation you might consider throwing in some self-hypnosis … several studies concluded that hypnosis was successful in breast enlargement … no kidding…. hmmm !?? :-)

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Hypnosis absolutely works, but the amount of time needed for gains and to make them permanent varies from guy to guy. I gained a lot through hypnosis, but quit before my brain was brainwashed enough to make them permanent, so I lost it.

I’ve been talking to Clayton (the guy who runs Yinyangchi) and he recommended a few Mantak Chia books when I asked about his jelq cylinder. I’m going to give those a read and 1000 pages later I should (hopefully) have a better grasp on it’s benefit when compared to any other cylinder. Maybe.

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