Pumping and Lot....

Hello all. Just finished the massive post concerning Bib’s Lot Theory and I want
to make sure I am getting it and can apply to knowledge gained from it.

The way I understand it, you test your LOT by laying on your back and pulling out
while doing a kegel. I get my strongest pullback straight up my chin at 12:00 and lose
pullback at about 10:00. Now, is my lot 12, the strongest, or at 10 the weakest?
Either way, it is my understanding that with my high lot, I should get some results
by stretching the ligs. Is this correct?

Now, using this knowledge as a pumper, I have thought of changing my pumping
a bit. I usually pump while sitting at the ‘puter and I usaully place my rice sock
under the tube at the base for support. I was thinking that maybe now I should sit
at the edge of the chair so the tube points down and let the weight of the tube stretch
the ligs downward. Also, between sessions, instead of massaging straight out, should I
do some stretching straight down to further increase the lig stretches?

Added to all of this, I have been thinking of buying the “enlargement strap” I have seen
discussed on here that stretches and pulls down while you wear it, thus increasing the
work on the ligs….

Anyone’s thoughts? Am I correct on all of this?