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Pumping and injuries


Originally Posted by latency
If you stay below 5 Hg in pumping, you can’t hurt your self, it makes me a bit safe knowing that.

I disagree.

It is completely possible to hurt one’s self below 5 Hg (you cannot fall asleep for hours…).

What counts - given your pump is functional (and yours does not seem to) - is

1. You start nice and easy
2. You must never feel pain
3. Your penis must not become dark or cold
4. Any routine must be built up progressively
5. You must never be thinking about discomfort

I think your previous injury with the JES should teach you to do things gradually.


welcome in the club: most veterans suffered a few minor injuries.

Perseverance wins

Originally Posted by latency

Plustwo, where did you buy your cylinder and do the lapdist pump fit the Velseal cylinder?

Sorry, latency, I completely missed this question when you posted it.

I ordered from

I believe all pumps and cylinders are interchangeable, i.e., they all use the same connectors. In any case, I had no problem.


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