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Pumping and Hanging

Pumping and Hanging

I wanted to know if anyone incorporates hanging in their rountine after a pumping session? I assume that the hanging could take the place of jelqing. I rather hang than jelq. If anyone does this rountine please let me know if it is effective.


it does not make any sense to hang AFTER pumping.
Suggest you hang first and pump at the end. In this order many guys here seem to get nice gains.



Yes, I agree with Andreas. Don’t hang after your pumping session. Your skin will be too sensitive and easily damaged.

I will also start incorporating hanging with my pumping. Just like Andreas said ; hanging first makes more sense.

I believe I will be getting a Penis-master to wear at work then pump later in the day.

I incorporate both……FAST GAINS.

of course, like said, hang first then pump.

My goals in pumping are more to keep my penis from retracting like everyone finds happens when hanging for a good while. It will stay pumped for hours like it should (as if I didnt hang for a long time). I believe this helps in the collagen repairing in an extended state sorta.

So, my routine is somewhere between 3 and 6 20min hanging sessions…ending with either 1 or 2 10min pumping sessions.

—-Keep on it.

thanks a lot guys! I will make sure to hang first, then pump. Does anybody know of a decent pump under $100 that will last me awhile?

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