Thanks for the congrats on my gains. I’m happy to be able to say I have made these gains and pretty sure will continue to see more as time passes.
I think you are right about the two tube sizes and I’m looking at the Velseal tubes at Pumptoys or LA pump since I already have one and know they are well made. I will get a 2” soon as I surely don’t want to get a blister on the ole head from the 1 3/4”!.

It’s interesting that they just used your post on the Powerjelk site like that. I don’t know what to make of that but I guess as you say It’s a harmless thing I suppose…oh well.

Yes, I think I will just make another powerjelker for myself and save some bucks. I just thought the real thing might have something mine don’t but mine has always worked just fine and probably as good as the other version.
I’ll just beef up the scale some.

Thanks for your comments and encouragement!