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I have been looking thorough this forum and have yet to see anyone pumphanging. I have only seen 1 or 2 posts on this subject in the hangers forum. Does anyone else do this or have tried it?

I am not familiar with the posts you reference. If you’re talking about hanging substantial weight that is attached to the penis by a vacuum device, I would personally view that as a big safety issue. It would seem to me to combine and augment the injury risk of both techniques. The chief mechanisms of risk I percieve would be (1) unregulated increase in vacuum pressure on application of the weight load; and (2) application of shearing force on a tumescent penis.

If I’m talking too clinically, I will rephrase it as: Don’t do this thing until you get some positive feedback from a moderator or someone who has been doing the whole PE thing for a long time.


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