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Pumpers' input is appreciated

Pumpers' input is appreciated

Hi guys. I just bumped a thread up in the hangers’ forum that has to do with hanging & pumping as a synergistic PE combination. If any of you have experience using both methods at the same time in your routine I would apperciate if you would check out the thread and respond. Thanks everyone.

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Glad you did. There is a lot of hesitation to do pumping and hanging or pumping and jelking. This needs addressing and clarification.

Personally, I think it’s about ‘timing’ but let’s see what folks say.



Well for me when I was Pumping, jelqing, and hanging it left me very desensitized. I have since recovered from the stress and now I’m just pumping and jelqing with no problems at all.

So I will give a word of warning to anyone wanting to do all that, and first ask yourself what you want. Hang for length or pump and jelq for little length and girth but not together.

Now some may be able to tolerate it more, but I could not!


Hi Guys

My routine involves manual stretching, jelqing and pumping. I find that after pumping a 10 to 15 minute light jelq helps loosen things up. I have not had any problems. Just listen to what you dick is telling you. If it hurts then don’t do it!

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